Do you use an HTM to facilitate and streamline your selection processes?

What is an ATS and what is it for?

Faced with massive selection processes and the difficult task of seeking candidates, companies are installing specialized software for their recruitment processes. In this context, candidate tracking systems, known as ATS or Applicant Tracking Systems, are born, representing one of the biggest changes in the HR sector for the coming years.

AnApplicant Tracking System is an online system that facilitates the management of recruitment processes, from the opening of a vacancy to the filling of the position. ATS helps to search and filter candidate resumes, based on some parameters and keywords, in order to select the profiles that best suit each job offer.

How does a candidate tracking system work?

When a recruiter conducts a search for a selection process in an HTM, it will do so using keywords that manifest specific skills and experiences required in the job offer in question. The applicant tracking system will place at the top of the search results those resumes that contain a greater number of these selected keywords.

How do you know if you need an ATS?

Today we show you 5 signs that will make you question if you need to have an HTM in your company to facilitate the selection processes.

  1. You spend much of your time posting job offers manually.
  2. You receive duplicate applications or candidates that don’t fit the profile you’re looking for (or, directly, don’t qualify).
  3. You have trouble planning job interviews.
  4. You spend a lot of time screening resumées.
  5. You encounter a peak of hiring and you accumulate work (if you find yourself in this situation, surely you are interested in reading our article Tricks to successfully overcome recruitment peaks).

What are the benefits of an ATS?

Integrate all your information in one place

An HTM helps you manage and centralize all the information of your selection processes in a single database. This allows you to easily and quickly access the information you need without having to track down a multitude of files or emails.

Saves time and reduces administrative costs

Communication with candidates, entry of information into databases and management of administrative tasks require many hours of work which, in monetary terms, entail a high economic cost for the company. Automating tasks and centralizing information in a single database will enable you to reduce administrative support costs.

In addition, you will save a lot of time avoiding the resumée screening and planning interviews with candidates from the same platform.

Improve the quality of your hiring

An ATS allows online testing of candidates as a pre-interview stage. This first online evaluation will help you to filter the number of personal interviews to perform, increasing productivity and the final quality of the hiring process.

Improves the candidate’s experience

Most candidates are dissatisfied if they do not receive regular updates about the status of their candidacy. With so many resumes it may be difficult to get feedback from each and every candidate. An ATS will automate responses and emails immediately, so you can stop worrying about this.

If you are interested in knowing more about the opinion that digital profiles have regarding the selection processes, I recommend reading our article Main complaints of IT professionals about the selection processes.

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Did you know the concept of ATS?
Do you use an HTM to facilitate and streamline your selection processes?

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