Why find talent through TalentFY

Why find talent through TalentFY?

5 reasons why TalenFY gets the best IT talent for your company

If you are reading this blog, you are surely on the verge of starting a selection process that will allow you to find the ideal candidate for a position that you need to fill as soon as possible. It’s a race against time, right? Well, we invite you to know why finding talent through TalentFY is the best option.

We know that outsourcing human resources processes can be difficult but make no mistake, it is a great option tofind IT candidates effectively even more if you have a limited time.

Now, the big question would be how and with whom to outsource? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this post we will tell you why TalentFY will be the solution to this doubt and how, for sure, we will exceed your expectations when finding that digital talent that you are so looking for.

TalentFY is the most efficient digital platform, which thanks to its technological development in AI, offers a solution to companies to hire the best IT and Digital Marketing talent. Find out the main reasons and advantages why you should work with us:

1. Speed

In TalentFY we assure you that we will find the potential IT and digital marketing candidates for your selection process in up to 10 working days. You don’t believe us? Our clients can confirm it Additionally, if your ideal candidate does not arrive at this time you will get a 10% discount.

2. Effectiveness

We understand that many times the process of reviewing dozens of applications can be very tedious because you do not get what you are looking for, because they do not fully meet the tech profile and other reasons. With TalentFY forget about that frustrating process of not finding what you need. Our software and our recruiters will reduce the volume of applicants in favor of quality of their application as they previously go through a first interview filter with the HR Advisors. We offer you profiles fit to mesure, what you need. In fact, a 67% of our candidates reach the interview phase.

3. Agility and ease of use of the platform

With all this, you will say that the platform and the follow-up to the interface will be a headache, well no! Our platform is very easy to use and manages all processes in a clear, fast and simple way. There you will have the option to schedule the interviews, create the candidate’s progress line in the process, add your reviews, comments among many other things. If you want to talk, contact us.If not, read on. You’re gonna love what follows..

4. Price

And we got to the point of tension, but it’s not our case. With TalentFY you will pay the minimum for the services we provide, we adjust the price depending on the needs of the process in which we will work together. Besides, you can save 10% of gross annual salary thanks to the processing of bonuses and finally if you do not hire, you do not pay, we know that we offer you a quality service and that’s why we work 100% to success.

5. Artificial Intelligence Technology

From TalentFY we have focused on the development of Artificial Intelligence to offer solutions tailored to the needs of our customers and with the vision of development towards the future.

How does it work? Very easy. Our AI evaluates recruiters and selects the best according to the characteristics of the position you want to cover and so thanks to our methodology and technology we are getting results well above the market.

Besides, if this doesn’t seem enough, in TalentFY we accompany you and advise you to define your needs, to find the ideal IT profile for your organization. (4 IT profiles you should know)

Do not delay any longer, your technological talent is waitingfor you in TalentFY.

What positive aspects has outsourcing recruitment brought to your business?

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