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You will belong to the best marketplace between companies and recruiters where you can dedicate yourself only to your specialty: find the best talent.

You will have a platform that through artificial intelligence will connect you to the positions in which you are a specialist without the need for commercial action.

Your mission: to find the ideal digital talent. Are you up for it?

Recruiters TalentFY

Benefits for joining in

Earn more

Forget the commercial part,
leave that to us.


Do what you like best:
find the best talent.

Scale economy

Focus on specific positions and leverage candidates for similar


Get more benefits based on
management speed and quality
of the candidates


Total transparency, you’ll have
real and up-to-date information
of the status of the process


We really value your time,
with our platform you can
save hours of work

What do we offer you?

Good percentage of hiring

If you’re in our top 3
for a specific position, you can
earn about 6.000€ per month

Good turnover rate

If you’re in the top 3 of
for a specific position, you can
ensure a fill rate of 55,56%.

Simultaneous processes

You will have the possibility to work
up to 18 concurrent positions
similar among them

How it works

Sign up

After registering on our platform, we will contact you to
that you know us and we agree
how we will work

Be invited to positions

Our platform will find
processes that conform to
your specialty and our team
will contact you to invite you to positions that are of interest to you.

Get specialized

Every time one of your candidates
is hired by the customer, you increase
your specialty and you have even more opportunities to be chosen.

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