Human capital retention tips for retaining your employees

The importance of having a good value proposition for the employee

We know that one of the most important assets of organizations are their workers, so we want to talk to you about the loyalty of human capital.

You may be wondering why employee loyalty is so important. Well, one of the main reasons is because it helps to decrease the turnover rate of staff in each company.

In general, and according to the latest report by Adecco, the turnover in Spain is 22.6% and as expected, one of the reasons is that employees get better salary offers, but also the working climate is determinant.

When organizations have high levels of staff turnover they risk losing time and money in the search for new talent, as well as shedding the   kow-how  that each professional can contribute in their position.

That’s why from TalentFY, with our expertise in   headhunter consulting, we want to share some tips that will help you maintain your team over time.

Propuesta de valor al empleado

5 tips for attracting and retaining talent

While there may be many strategies, tactics and actions to retain your employees, we share 5 key tips to better connect with your team.

1. Fair pay

This is the basis of everything, if an employee knows that his work is well paid he will work at ease.

It is true that we would always like to be paid more, but when that feeling remains constant while the daily activities are carried out, a discontent arises from having a high workload and low remuneration, is when the alarms must be set off.

For this reason, the economic proposal presented to employees must be consistent with the tasks to be performed, studies, experience and wage bands of the labor market. We take this opportunity to recommend reading our article on how much a recruitment and selection process costs.

3. Growth Opportunities

Although money is always important, issues such as corporate culture, the purpose of the organization and the good work climate make a difference.

The mental health of workers is a fundamental aspect that companies must take into account when increasing the workload and delegating activities.

This way the work teams will feel part of the organization and we will be improving the loyalty of human capital.

If you want to know how the emotional well-being of your team affects productivity we invite you to review our guide “Emotional well-being at work and Employer Branding”.

3. Growth Opportunities

Growth opportunities can be seen in three ways:

  • Professional development: That is, job opportunities for growth within the organization itself or the movement to different departments.
  • Training: The opportunity to have training in topics that further specialize the employee in their daily tasks and projects.
  • Innovation: Create a climate that allows employees to contribute ideas that can be applied to improving productivity.

4. Recognition

Recognition in organizations should be done either individually or in groups and is as important as when calls for attention or feedback are made

One key is that calls for attention are made privately, while acknowledgments can be made both privately and publicly.

When a worker sees that his work has value within the organization he feels more commitment and willingness to meet the proposed objectives.

5. Empathy

With empathy we mean putting ourselves in each other people’s shoes to understand how the world sees so connect and reach agreements.

Being empathetic with employees is a way of demonstrating confidence, something highly valued by teams.

In addition, flexibility of time and telework are a great tool to improve the performance of your employees since they allow you to reconcile personal and work life.

These tips will help you to improve the loyalty of human capital and avoid increasing job rotation, keeping staff in your company for longer.

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