Frequently Asked Questions


In TalentFY we know that several questions may arise about the use of our selection process optimization platform. For this reason, we have answered several questions that usually appear, when new companies sign up for the service.

TalentFY is the digital platform that allows you to fill your IT positions with the best recruiters and thus find the ideal candidate in less than 10 days.

At TalentFY we do not look for candidates directly, but we connect the companies that have a vacancy with the most specialized recruiters in this type of solution.

They are chosen by the TalentFY platform, thanks to an AI-based algorithm, depending on the requested position.

It’s a matter of knowledge about recruiters. In TalentFY we have more than 100 freelance recruiters specialized in IT positions, who are users of our platform and are tested in processes very similar to the one you are requesting, so we have objective data to assign in each case to the most suitable recruiters.

Without the platform and volume of processes we manage, it is very difficult for the customer to choose recruiters with as much success as TalentFY.

TalentFY is the only digital solution in the IT personnel selection market that has cutting-edge technology, capable of connecting you to the best recruiters.

We have an end-to-end platform (which controls the entire process) that does an exhaustive follow-up of the candidates, from the moment the recruiter uploads it for review by the employer until it is discarded or hired. In addition, we also have evaluations on all the candidates by the employer.

All these objective and numerical data from similar processes are analyzed and an algorithm based on Artificial Intelligence returns us a classification of the best recruiters for that type of position. In addition to the technology used, at TalentFY we also use a disruptive methodology, which always includes 3 recruiters who have different ways of attracting candidates and thus we guarantee that they sweep the entire market and find your ideal candidate.

After a customer reviewing a new candidate, we always ask them to validate it. On occasion also happens that they to reject the candidate, but always indicating the reason.

If the candidate is validated, there is no commitment or obligation on the behalf of the employer. It is not necessary a payment to unmask the candidate, only when hiring.

TalentFY’s standard warranty is 3 months. More than enough time to get to know the candidate well and for the candidate to integrate and get to know you well. Even so, if the position requires it, we are so confident in achieving the match that we have no problem extending the guarantee period.

Regardless of whether the candidate leaves or the company considers that they should be fired, TalentFY will respond with the guarantee.

If you hire someone, the first thing you will receive from TalentFY will be a cheerful and sincere congratulations for betting on the real talent that can change the future of your company!

If timing is your concern, we act like any other company in the industry but with the flexibility of a StartUp. Thus, TalentFY issues an invoice the same day a candidate accepts the offer proposed by a company.

It’s completely fine. It is not usual because if a headhunter interviews a candidate who already knows you this usually mentions it.

Anyway, if this happens, it is even positive because you can give feedback to the recruiter, why this particular candidate did not fit and thus better guide the prototype of your ideal candidate.

In TalentFY we help you find your ideal candidate in less than 10 days. So agility and speed are two of our features. We understand that they are two key factors for successful recruitment of the best candidates.

Therefore, we prefer that our customers act with maximum agility, although we understand that when faced with a moment of doubt it is best to wait and be right. The risk of leaving a candidate in StandBy is to regret it, after another company has acted with greater agility.

TalentFY is the only platform in Spain capable of evaluating and scoring recruiters based on their successes in similar positions, which they have previously held in TalentFY.

We are experts in the sector (we have the ability to assign the best recruiters) and experts in streamlining processes (we use disruptive technology and methodologies that offer quality and speed).


Having the best recruiters is not only a privilege, but requires direct, clear and concise communication. For this reason, we have defined a series of questions that can appear for any specialist in digital recruitment, when using our solution.

The client.

However, at TalentFY we always try to advise, since we are experts in the IT personnel selection sector and we have more complete and up-to-date market metrics.

The client, with TalentFY advice.

In TalentFY we will always ask you to upload the candidate’s CV, blind and complete, and to complete 2 questions of the form as simple as: economic expectations and availability of incorporation.

However, the more complete the profile, the more likely the client understands the full potential, which you have seen in the candidate. In TalentFY we enable an optional space for you to defend and extol your candidate.

In TalentFY we assign the processes to the recruiters that best fit the type of position.

So the number of processes you can take will depend mainly on your own work and your results.


In TalentFY we want to achieve the perfect match between candidate and company so we facilitate the process as much as possible. Our platform centralizes all communications between the different actors in the selection process.

TalentFY issues an invoice to the customer with a collection period of 30 days. And it is after receiving the income from the client, when we ask the recruiter to issue TalentFY its bill to pay in another 30 days.

So the recruiter saves himself from chasing invoices.

Do not. In TalentFY we consider that in IT vacancies the best candidates are usually passive.

So it is essential the intermediation of the best recruiters like you.

In TalentFY we like to talk about candidates as people and mostly very talented!

We do not talk about “our” candidates, although we have a clause that indicates that if we present a candidate to a company, this company will be responsible for the service provided for at least the next 12 months, after the closure of the position.

At TalentFY we trust our technology and methodology and we are obtaining results well above other solutions.

For this reason, we never demand exclusivity from our clients.