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Find out the bests ATS on the market

Meet the 10 best ATS on the market

If you got here, you probably already know what an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is in Spanish, Selection Process Management System. However, when it comes to recruitment automation, we are very detailed in the explanation, we do not want anything to escape us. Therefore, although in TalentFY we are not an ats, but an intermediary platform between companies and the best recruiters in the market in record time, today we invite you to know what are the best ATS currently and the reasons why they have positioned themselves as such. When it comes to outsourcing a selection process, automation is the solution. What is an ATS in staff selection? As the name suggests, a recruitment ATS is a software or program that manages the entire recruitment process. The automation of robotic processes through a single interface makes the recruitment process accelerate and the time spent on filling vacancies decreases, an example is the typical publication of offer in the different job portals and subsequent monitoring. Currently, with the advent of digital transformation, the use of this type of digital tools is almost imperative in human resources. These recruitment software will help you search and filter candidate resumes according to the parameters required by your organization. Top 10 best staff selection software 1. Greenhouse It offers a user-friendly platform, with different interaction models for candidates, which involves the whole team in the process. With Greenhouse, talent recruitment goes from an isolated process to a strategic business base. This software will allow you to automate administrative load by customizing various functions, measuring candidate experience and integrating workflows. 2. SmartRecruiters This is a platform for companies who want to take advantage of the functionality of a modern candidate tracking system. SmartRecruiters has the ability to adapt to complicated needs of the company and align with the international requirements of companies with headquarters in different countries. Thus, it is a secure software with excellent usability reviews, its users applaud how easy it is for the selection team and how comfortable it is for candidates. 3. Jobvite Thanks to artificial intelligence this platform gives its customers a fast, assertive and reliable hiring. Its software is characterized by being easy to use and with tools to make social recruitment. In addition, it helps internal recruitment teams excel at all stages of the selection process, while offering an excellent experience for the candidate. 4. Lever It is a recruitment and selection software with solutions specialized in small and medium enterprises, has managed to manage the entire life cycle of profiles during the selection process from a single system. Additionally, it allows the team to work collaboratively from one platform and integrates seamlessly with almost all major HR technology platforms. 5. BreezyHR Designed to reap the benefits of collaborative recruitment and end-to-end hiring for teams of 10 to 10,000 people. It will not only allow you to automate tasks such as posting job offers on more than 50 job search sites, but also selection, interview scheduling and tracking. Breezy HR is characterized by its modern approach to candidate tracking. 6. TeamTailor TeamTailor allows you to 100% customize the page layout that candidates view by improving their experience with the brand. This can be the solution that will help you attract more and better candidates with multiple recruitment processes, increasing your candidate database. Based on the above, you will have an ATS software with all the functionalities to reinforce your employer branding, CX and analysis in your selection process. 7. ClearCompany Their recruitment software is integrated with a robust ATS suite that allows organizations to view information throughout the employee lifecycle. With ClearCompany you can have solutions in recruitment, onboarding, planning, goal alignment, results management, among others. 8. Warkable One of the most used software globally that will allow you to find and attract talent from a large volume of candidates at the same time. Its automated AI tools provide fast and secure global support, as well as recruitment tutorials, onboarding assistance and highly qualified recruitment teams. For this reason, Workable allows a simple and collaborative use for the people in charge of the selection process. 9. Bizneo It is a platform that will allow you to attract talent and manage various Human Resources processes, in one place. In addition, Bizneo offers content to improve your HR practices. You and your employees will be able to handle different routine activities from the mobile safely. 10. Altamira Recruiting Altamira Recruiting will allow you to leverage and automate your candidate database, as well as customize the software according to your needs. This platform will allow you to manage the selection process and the employer branding of your organization. In this way, you will no longer have to receive the CVs by email, in a single platform you will have access to all the information, as well as the advantage of making social recruitment. That’s it! Now that you know which are the best personnel selection software on the market, we invite you to review them and find the one that best suits your needs. Remember that on the TalentFY blog you will find all about recruitment every week Try TalentFY in a Live Demo Try our recruiting platform without compromise. And if it doesn’t work for you, YOU DON’T PAY No small print. Schedule Demo Join our News Subscribe and receive our most exclusive content and news directly in your inbox.

Multicultural companies advantages and challenges

Multicultural companies: advantages and challenges

New technologies allow companies to have professionals from different parts of the world creating multicultural companies with new challenges and advantages. According to a study by Boston Consulting Group (The Mix That Matters: Innovation Through Diversity), multicultural companies earn 19% more revenue than others. Undoubtedly having the knowledge of different cultures is a great advantage for companies but also a challenge when managing communication and corporate culture. In this blog we tell you what are the main advantages and challenges of multicultural companies. Advantages of working in multicultural companies Improves creativity The variety of ideas has to do with the cultural richness of the teams that allows them to have different points of view according to their professional and personal experiences. Additionally, problem solving is enriched by the behavioral styles of each culture. Improves productivity The diversity of thinking will create innovative ideas that will give a boost to the projects of the organization improving its results. In this way, the contributions of the team members that generate constructive criticism will make the company increase its ability to detect opportunities for improvement, to correct them and thus generate greater profit. Enhances the reputation Multiculturalism brings integration through corporate values with which the team will be a sample of the good management of corporate culture thus improving its reputation. Likewise, when working on the integration of the team, the employer branding is also worked with which the image of the organization is strengthened. The good reputation that results from well-done internal work will undoubtedly be reflected in the results of the entity. Challenges in managing professionals in multicultural companies Managing cultural differences Finding the midpoint to manage the needs of each culture can be a big challenge. The answer to this challenge is the integration of the team around the values of the organization promoting the listening and active participation of employees. A good question to consider is this culture that can bring you to my corporate values and how can you manage it? In this way the cultural richness of the organization will increase focused on the institutional horizon. Enjoying and enhancing diversity Diversity becomes a value of the organization as long as it is managed correctly. For this it is essential to incorporate the ideas of the different members of the team and generate processes of cultural dissemination and exchange of experiences. Although it is not possible to respond to each of the cultural needs if inclusion policies can be generated that reduce conflicts and improve the company’s results. Ensure that there are no discriminatory attitudes The management of multicultural templates requires a thorough knowledge of existing legislation, which prohibits any discrimination in terms of racial origin, religion or belief. It must be made very clear that no discriminatory policy or attitude will be allowed. Adapting the selection processes It is not necessary to consider the need to have a multicultural workforce, but to hire professionals according to their professional abilities. This prevents, if necessary, the homogenization of the workforce on the basis of national or racial identity. A good way to achieve this is to make use of blind CV, if you want to know more we recommend you read our article All you should know about blind CV. Offer flexibility and adaptability It is important to make holiday periods more flexible according to the needs of your workers and to enable spaces for their different peculiarities. And you: Are you part of a multicultural company? What do you do to best manage cultural differences? Try TalentFY in a Live Demo Try our recruiting platform without compromise. And if it doesn’t work for you, YOU DON’T PAY No small print. Schedule Demo Join our News Subscribe and receive our most exclusive content and news every month directly in your inbox.

Human capital retention tips for retaining your employees

The importance of having a good value proposition for the employee

We know that one of the most important assets of organizations are their workers, so we want to talk to you about the loyalty of human capital. You may be wondering why employee loyalty is so important. Well, one of the main reasons is because it helps to decrease the turnover rate of staff in each company. In general, and according to the latest report by Adecco, the turnover in Spain is 22.6% and as expected, one of the reasons is that employees get better salary offers, but also the working climate is determinant. When organizations have high levels of staff turnover they risk losing time and money in the search for new talent, as well as shedding the   kow-how  that each professional can contribute in their position. That’s why from TalentFY, with our expertise in   headhunter consulting, we want to share some tips that will help you maintain your team over time. 5 tips for attracting and retaining talent While there may be many strategies, tactics and actions to retain your employees, we share 5 key tips to better connect with your team. 1. Fair pay This is the basis of everything, if an employee knows that his work is well paid he will work at ease. It is true that we would always like to be paid more, but when that feeling remains constant while the daily activities are carried out, a discontent arises from having a high workload and low remuneration, is when the alarms must be set off. For this reason, the economic proposal presented to employees must be consistent with the tasks to be performed, studies, experience and wage bands of the labor market. We take this opportunity to recommend reading our article on how much a recruitment and selection process costs. 3. Growth Opportunities Although money is always important, issues such as corporate culture, the purpose of the organization and the good work climate make a difference. The mental health of workers is a fundamental aspect that companies must take into account when increasing the workload and delegating activities. This way the work teams will feel part of the organization and we will be improving the loyalty of human capital. If you want to know how the emotional well-being of your team affects productivity we invite you to review our guide “Emotional well-being at work and Employer Branding”. 3. Growth Opportunities Growth opportunities can be seen in three ways: Professional development: That is, job opportunities for growth within the organization itself or the movement to different departments. Training: The opportunity to have training in topics that further specialize the employee in their daily tasks and projects. Innovation: Create a climate that allows employees to contribute ideas that can be applied to improving productivity. 4. Recognition Recognition in organizations should be done either individually or in groups and is as important as when calls for attention or feedback are made One key is that calls for attention are made privately, while acknowledgments can be made both privately and publicly. When a worker sees that his work has value within the organization he feels more commitment and willingness to meet the proposed objectives. 5. Empathy With empathy we mean putting ourselves in each other people’s shoes to understand how the world sees so connect and reach agreements. Being empathetic with employees is a way of demonstrating confidence, something highly valued by teams. In addition, flexibility of time and telework are a great tool to improve the performance of your employees since they allow you to reconcile personal and work life. These tips will help you to improve the loyalty of human capital and avoid increasing job rotation, keeping staff in your company for longer. Try TalentFY in a Live Demo Try our recruiting platform without compromise. And if it doesn’t work for you, YOU DON’T PAY No small print. Schedule Demo Join our News Subscribe and receive our most exclusive content and news every month directly in your inbox.

Main phases of the selection process

Learn about the main phases of the selection process

It is not easy to open a vacancy and have the time required to go through each of the phases of the selection process that it requires. However, it is something that all companies must consider in order to ensure optimal performance that will allow them to stand out from the competition. The human capital, without any doubt, is the fundamental pillar of any company, and therefore, it must be optimally selected for the good development of each of the processes that will be executed once all the phases of the personnel selection process are carried out. The most common question is, where do I start, what steps should I follow? Well, although there is no standard guide for all companies, all vacancies and all candidates, we can let you know the stages that are common in an employee recruitment. Recruitment and selection stages The main and most common stages of the recruitment and selection process are the following: 1. Creation of the vacancy Although we have mentioned above that there is no standard in the phases of the selection process, it is indisputable to take into account that without a need for incorporation, it is impossible to initiate this process. Therefore, the first step is to identify each of these needs clearly in order to have them as a basis for the description of the vacancy profile, the duration and the tasks to be performed by the candidate. If this profile is as detailed as possible, it will save time and future inconvenience due to non-compliance with the agreed terms. 2. Vacancy opening In relation to our first step, the vacancy is opened and, at the same time, the search for the ideal candidate begins. For this phase, each company usually opts for the methodology of its preference, either through mass communication channels, such as social networks or through its website, to avoid receiving multiple resumes and not prolong this process. However, more and more new recruitment trends are emerging that can be adapted to what the company and the employee want. Which methodology do you think best suits your needs? 3. Pre-selection of candidates Once the job offer is published and its respective interested parties, it is necessary for the human resources department to select the candidates that meet the most important requirements. requested requirements to fill the vacancy, likewise, candidates who apply without meeting the requirements will be discarded. In the case of digital profiles, this stage can take a lot of time and effort, which companies rarely have. This is why external recruitment sources have been created, which are of great help to companies seeking to modernize their selection processes. If you are looking for one of these profiles you should know that TalentFY helps you find the best candidate in less than 10 days. Interested? 4. First filter In general, the number of filters in the selection process depends on the size of the company or the position for which the process is being carried out. If your company is growing, we recommend you to establish solid foundations when hiring your personnel. Keep in mind your company’s values and your long-term goals. Additionally, in the hands of the human resources area, aptitude tests, test calls, language tests, etc. can be carried out. All this regardless of the size of the company and depending on the future tasks to be performed by the employee, in relation to what can be evidenced in the candidate’s resume. 5. Interview Once the filters requested by your department in charge have been approved, an interview is held to define the candidate’s future in the company. In the case of profiles specialized in the digital area such as Artificial Intelligence, a technical test that is not common in traditional selection processes will have to be previously passed. Once they have been satisfactorily approved, a virtual or face-to-face meeting is held with the candidate. These interviews are usually conducted by the direct manager or a person highly qualified to make a decision as to whether a candidate is qualified to be accepted or rejected by the company. It is important at this stage to take into account aspects such as the soft skills of the candidate, understood as personal aptitudes that will allow them to relate to others and that will give you the possibility of knowing a little more about their intentions once they join the company. communication with the interviewee and in turn will lead you to make the right decision. 6. Hiring The recruitment is the final stage of the selection process. Once the filters have been passed and the interview has been successfully completed, a final process begins, that of joining the company. All that is needed is to inform the candidate of the decision taken and for him/her to accept the agreed conditions. Each detail is based on the labor and legal area of the company and each contract is determined according to the vacancy hired. Now that you know what are the main phases of the process of personnel selection and the importance of doing it correctly to obtain good results for your company, it is important that you know more about the service that we offer from TalentFy and how easy it can be to finding the right candidate. What are you waiting for to test the platform? Try TalentFY in a Live Demo Try our recruiting platform without compromise. And if it doesn’t work for you, YOU DON’T PAY No small print. Schedule Demo Join our News Subscribe and receive our most exclusive content and news every month directly in your inbox.

What is the Employee Value Program

EVP, what is the Employee Value Program?

If you are in the process of developing an EVP Employee Value Program, this publication will be of interest to you. The EVP refers to the set of material or immaterial benefits offered by the company to its employees and with which it rewards their work in the organization. This concept is part of the strategy of Employer BrandingThis concept is part of the Employer Branding strategy, which seeks to create processes that lead the organization to become an attractive employer brand for professionals. In this blog we will tell you about the main characteristics of the EVP, as well as some tips that you can apply in your company so that you can more easily reach the ideal talent. Also, keep in mind that the hiring of hiring personnel is not an easy task and requires several steps that must be planned, even more so if we are talking about a recently created organization that is looking for that human talent that will help it take off. At TalentFY we help companies so that the selection process of digital profiles is no longer a headache and we enhance their EVP to reach the best candidates. Main features of the EVP The EVP should reflect why the organization is worth working for and what it means to be part of your team. Thus, the Employee Value Program includes both tangible and intangible elements. Tangible elements Refers to the retributions obtained by the employee for his or her work: such as salary, vacation days, financial aid for transportation, food or education. Also in this category are the internal training processes offered by the company: medical insurance, work equipment, among others. Intangible elements The intangible elements of the EVP are those that, although not reflected in the payroll, represent a fundamental part of the employee’s experience in the organization. This category includes work environment, corporate culture, internal growth opportunities, work team, leadership development and creativity, among others. If you want to learn more about how to develop intangible elements in your company, we invite you to review our interview with Marisa Elizundia, creator of the Emotional Salary Barometer, with whom we talked about how to manage the emotional salary. emotional salary. Tips to develop and improve your EVP The development of the EVP is a determining factor in making companies attractive to professionals, as well as in building the loyalty of the organization’s employees. An example of this is the study by Gartner, an IT research company, 63% of the candidates they surveyed rejected selection processes due to the lack of an attractive EVP. Here are some tips to keep in mind when working with your company’s Employee Value Program. Listen to your team The best way to understand how your employees perceive you is to listen to them. This can be supported by work climate surveys and day-to-day comments that arise in the organization. When discussing the EVP with your team, you can ask questions such as: What attracted you to work with us? Do you think this company has a good corporate culture? Why? What do you like most about working at this company? What are the aspects that you can only find in this company? Which of the organization’s values do you identify with? What would you change to improve our corporate culture? The answers to these questions, plus the insights you can gather on a day-to-day basis, will give you a starting point for knowing where your EVP stands. In this way, you will be able to start a process of strengthening the positive things and improving those aspects that are not so good. Benchmarking of other companies’ EVP Reviewing what companies in your industry are doing can also give you a lot of valuable information to build or strengthen your EVP. In this research you can focus on observing how companies communicate their EVP, what activities they carry out to promote and reinforce their value proposition, and what response they get from their audience. Additionally, you will be able to review your organization’s strengths and weaknesses compared to the EVPs in your sector, so you will see more clearly how you stand out from the rest. Finally, remember that when it comes to attracting talent, organizations in your industry become competitors to find the best professionals. This is why understanding what they do and how they do it is very important to develop strategies that differentiate you and boost your EVP. Strengthen the EVP by taking into account the candidates you want to attract. Once you are clear about your team’s perceptions and what companies in your industry are doing, you will have a clearer picture of how to strengthen your EVP. When defining your value proposition, remember to take into account the type of employee you want to have in order to focus the EVP on the possible needs and aspirations they may have for your organization. Additionally, you must take into account that each profile has different aspirations, so the EVP may change, so do not forget aspects such as age, work experience and cultural characteristics of the candidates to whom you want to address. In turn, specialized recruiting companies such as TalentFY can guide you in the proper use of EVP to connect with the best candidates, especially in profiles that are not easy to find. This is how the EVP, Employee Value Program, is a great tool that will allow you to attract and retain the best talent for your company. Try TalentFY in a Live Demo Try our recruiting platform without compromise. And if it doesn’t work for you, YOU DON’T PAY No small print. 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Headhunter Service

Headhunter service

Turning to a headhunter service may seem a little different at first, but it can actually be a smart career move. Specialized, IT or managerial positions often require the best candidates and the highest skill sets, which are often not easy to find. For this reason, having a headhunter service handle your candidate search means that you will have access to unadvertised positions. Y not only that, but using a headhunter service can save you time and effort. At TalentFY, for example, we specialize in the search for digital profiles. Thanks to our platform, recruiters, team and experience, we present candidates in less than 10 days. In this post we tell you the benefits of having a headhunter service. Benefits of hiring a headhunter service Hiring a headhunter service is especially useful for companies that need specialized personnel, but do not want to spend time searching for the right person. The following are some of the benefits of having a recruitment service. Specialized networking with a headhunter service Many headhunters have good contacts in their field and can quickly narrow down the pool of candidates saving both the employer and the candidate time. Additionally, recruiters use social networks to find people interested in a specific job. Or in other cases, potential candidates come to the headhunter service through referrals from people who were not interested in applying for a particular position. TalentFY has a platform that, through AI, chooses the 3 best recruiters who specialize in the positions that companies are looking for. Support in the selection process Hiring a headhunter service is an excellent option for companies that lack an HR department. The recruiter can take a close look at your company and your requirements and find candidates that fit your company. It is important to note that the headhunter service selection process has several phases that require planning and monitoring by professionals in the area. That is why having the advice of selection experts will make the whole process easier for you and give you the results you need. At TalentFY we put at your disposal a team of team of HR advisors who will guide you through the entire selection process, which you can carry out through our end-to-end platform. Saving time and money with headhunter service Selection processes can take months if you don’t plan them in detail or if you don’t manage to reach the profiles you are looking for. This situation is even more common in the IT sector as candidates do not conduct an active search but are willing to listen to offers from several companies. Thus, having a headhunter service will help you reach those candidates in less time and with better results. In turn, although hiring a recruitment team will require an investment, it will have a good return as it will save you the expense of conducting several unsuccessful selection processes. We invite you to evaluate whether the headhunter service is worth the cost and benefit to your company. At TalentFY, we connect companies with the ideal talent they are looking for, becoming their allies in recruiting the best teams. Try TalentFY in a Live Demo Try our recruiting platform without compromise. And if it doesn’t work for you, YOU DON’T PAY No small print. Schedule Demo Join our News Subscribe and receive our most exclusive content and news every month directly in your inbox.

Human Resources Consulting

Human Resources Consulting

A human resources consultancy selects high-level experts, professionals and other people with specialties that require a good selection process. They use a variety of techniques to identify the best candidates for a particular job. The process is very different from the usual hiring process, as these individuals are not usually actively looking for a new job. Companies specializing in the recruitment of specialized personnel such as TalentFY find talent in record time. Our team guarantees to introduce you to the best digital profiles in less than 10 days. These are some of the advantages of hiring a human resources consultant. Advantages of human resources consulting Relying on companies specialized in personnel selection, especially when they are specialized positions, will be of great help to find the best talent in a short period of time. This type of company will allow you to speed up the recruitment process and save all the management that this entails. Here are some of the main advantages of human resources consulting. A human resources consultancy focuses on quality The best focus on quality rather than quantity. For example, the best headhunters spend a lot of time researching their clients’ business needs, the market and any hiring trends or laws. They also invest a significant amount of time in the search and selection of candidates. They also know how to attract passive candidates. Industry experts at your company’s service Good advice focuses on attracting the best talent for the job. That’s why, they recruit industry experts who specialize in specific industries, market your company and match you with candidates with complementary characteristics. Human resources consulting simplifies the selection process Having the help of one of them can make the recruitment process of an ideal candidate a child’s game. When you have a large number of positions to fill, you are not the only employer looking for candidates and you enter the competition for top talent. For this reason, having a human resources consulting firm for the selection process will save you not only time but also the entire candidate search management. This way you will only have to approve and give feedback. Companies such as TalentFY allow you to carry out the entire selection process in a single end-to-end platform. In conclusion, an experienced and reputable human resources consultancy will be able to help you find the best candidates for your needs. Try TalentFY in a Live Demo Try our recruiting platform without compromise. And if it doesn’t work for you, YOU DON’T PAY No small print. Schedule Demo Join our News Subscribe and receive our most exclusive content and news every month directly in your inbox.