6 platforms for human resources management

6 platforms for Human Resources management

The Human Talent department leads different processes that are vital to the functioning of the organization and in this digital age span,  human resources management platforms are the best allies.

Today there are tools that support human resources teams in different fields such as selection, personnel management, payroll payments, salary collection, among others, as well as a human resources advisory, such as TalentFY.

Here are the tools that should not be missing in your organization.

Talent For You, selects the best IT talent

And of course, we start from home!

TalentFY is the most efficient digital platform, which thanks to its technological development in AI.

It offers a solution for companies to hire the best IT and Digital Marketing talent within up to 10 working days.

The Talent For You platform has software, an HR Advisor team and specialized recruiters who work to understand the needs of the company in order to connect it with the candidates who can best fit the required profile.

You will be able to manage all processes in a clear, fast and simple way.

You will have the option to schedule all the phases of the selection process, create the candidate’s progress line in the process, add your ratings, comments, among many other things.

D'anchiano, assesses talent skills

You will be able to know and evaluate the candidates’ competencies after a thorough analysis of 18 competencies related to tasks, people and context.

The candidate performs a test that shows his profile according to the evaluated competencies.

Likewise, the organization raises its job offer according to the required competencies and the platform calculates the coincidences and orders the candidates according to the level of confluence.

Similarly, the organization increases its job offer according TalentFY platform is integrated with D’anchiano, so in a single interface it is possible to evaluate the match between the candidate’s skills and what he asks in the job description of the job offer.

An easy and quick way to evaluate talent and identify the professionals who best fit the positions your organization is looking for.

Softgarden, manages the attraction of candidates

This software will allow people interested in working in your organization to become potential candidates.

Many times when looking for work options professionals get lost in the road and end up discarding offers for lack of information or navigability.

Softgarden, supports entrepreneurs to have a better employer branding that allows them to attract excellent candidates.

A tool for managing extraordinary candidates, employers branding, HR and marketing, to improve the performance of your hiring.

We are hiring, find digital talent

A platform that connects companies with digital candidates who upload their profile to the interface. All in one place.

In this way candidates will be able to apply as ‍I am talent’ to some position and in turn the platform can send you job options according to your profile.

Companies will be able to upload their offers ‘I’m looking for talent’ that will connect them with the right candidates according to their profile.

We are hiring is an easy to use tool, with an updated BBDD of candidates in active search, intuitive, without large forms that guarantees that the company and candidates will have good communication.

Payfit, digitally administers payroll

With this software, and the planning of the payroll of your company will not be a headache, you can easily and easily digitize these processes.

Regardless of the size of the company, with Payfit you will have the generation of automatic payroll, job advice, management of vacations and absences, among other things.

A platform that will help you automate different human resources processes.

Payflow, allows your team to collect when needed

This tool will allow your employees to collect their salary at any time. It was born as an idea that supports employees to obtain a unique social benefit.

In this way, with Payflow you will help your company officials to control the stress that financial problems can generate by giving them the opportunity to have access to their salary in real time.

A platform that will strengthen the productivity of your team as well as the attraction and retention of the best talent.

These platforms for human resources management will be of great help to save paperwork and time, improving the efficiency and productivity of your company.

Which of these tools would you use?

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