overcoming recruitment peaks

Tricks to successfully overcome recruitment peaks

If you work in HR, you are sure to have an avalanche of selection processes. Vacancies piling up, phone calls at all hours to talk to candidates, collapsed interview schedule…

To avoid this, today we bring you a post where we help you prepare before the dreaded recruitment peak arrives. In addition, we will also show you some tricks to successfully overcome this frantic period.

Before the recruitment peak

Before hiring peak it is important to follow these tips to prepare well and avoid having much workload in the future.

  • It detects when the peak is going to reach: most companies have seasonalities in their talent hiring. Study the seasonalities of your business and anticipate these peaks.

  • It indicates the characteristics of the ideal profile: it is very important to have a clear profile of our ideal candidate, this helps us to identify the needs of the company for each vacancy.

  • Develop killer questions that automate your processes: From the conclusions of the previous point you can prepare customized actions and strategies.

  • Choose the best recruitment channels: depending on the profile you are looking for, you will have more chances of success in some recruitment channels than in others.

During the recruitment peak

And if with these tips you have not managed to avoid disaster, if you already find a mountain of hard work, here are other tricks to successfully overcome this period.

  • Make the most of it: Take advantage of all the work you’ve done previously, saving you a lot of time and focusing on key activities.

  • Stop and prioritize: it is important to keep in mind that all tasks and vacancies are not equally critical. Prioritize what’s most urgent, and what things you can leave for the next day.

  • Centralize processes: if you receive resumes in one place it is essential that the people who collaborate in the process are well coordinated, you will save a lot of time.

  • Collaborate with Recruiting suppliers: to better take advantage of the company’s internal resources and handle all searches with guarantees, it is advisable to have external suppliers. For this, it is essential that suppliers generate confidence, to work this aspect I recommend you read our post 4 Keys to get on with your Recruiter.

Finally, we recommend that in times of calm you take advantage to investigate new sources of recruitment. TalentFY is a great solution to find the best quality IT talent, if you want to know more about us I recommend reading our post Why find talent through TalentFY?

And you: How have you survived a pick-up peak?
What advice would you give to prepare before the peak arrives?
Has outsourcing your recruitment processes helped you get through these busy periods?

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