6 tips for writing a good job offer

6 tips for writing a good job offer

Writing a good description of the vacancy you’re trying to fill is the best way to attract the best candidates, and avoid candidacies that bring you nothing but waste of time.

Before you start writing, you must be very clear to which people you are addressing, so you can address them in a language they understand and offer them what they want.

In today’s article we give you some tips so you can write an attractive and effective job offer. In addition, to complement this information I invite you to read the articles How to make your job offers attractive? and Mistakes that are usually made when writing job offers.

1) Choose an attractive title

The title is what will draw the reader’s attention from the beginning, and will make him decide whether or not to enter the offer, so it is essential when attracting candidates.

Don’t settle for saying the obvious, stay away from boring titles and try to be a little more creative. Think about the candidate you would like to attract and what might get their attention: give them a central idea about the company’s culture, or what kind of person you are looking for.

2) Key responsibilities

Write a list of 3 to 7 tasks that the selected candidate must perform. It is important that you try to relate them to the business objectives, in this way the applicant can see how the vacancy fits into the plans of the company.

Also write the approximate and expected time that should be dedicated to each of the tasks; what activities should be performed regularly and which occasionally, how much time should be dedicated to each of their tasks, etc.

Also, make a list of responsibilities as short and concise as possible and remember: always focused on the results, objectives and purpose of the organization.

3) Reflects company culture

Candidates applying to a selection process not only care about the position they apply for, but also want to know what the company they are going to work for is like.

Therefore, it is not enough to include the description of key responsibilities and tasks, but we must also explain the essential details about our organization.

Write about the mission, vision, objectives, number of employees, cities in which it is present, activities outside of work, etc. This will help your potential candidates better understand the company culture and the environment in which they will work if they are selected.

4) What can you do for them that another company cannot?

Communicating the benefits your organization offers to employees will help you attract more and better candidates and will also have positive benefits in your employer branding (if you want to know how to improve your employer branding, we invite you to read 4 tips to improve your employer branding).

Do you offer flexible hours? Possibility of Teleworking? Don’t forget to mention it in the description, the candidate also needs to know how the job will affect your personal life.

5) Do make clear the difference between must-have and nice-to-have

Once the job seeker has identified your job opportunity, they will need to know if they are qualified to apply. This point of description is therefore crucial.

First of all make a list of the essential requirements (must-have) for the job; necessary competencies, educational achievements, licenses, etc.

Second, write your list of preferences (nice-to-have), those skills that are not mandatory, but that you would positively value those candidates who had them.

It’s important to be clear about the difference between “must-have” and “nice-to-have“. If you put up an endless list of requirements, you’ll alienate qualified candidates. Make a selection of essential skills, and add the rest to the preference list.

6) Include salary information

Many candidates have spent time and money to be interviewed for a job, whose salary was far below their expectations, and if they had known from the outset they would not have applied for the selection process.

Making the salary range clear will prevent the application of candidates who are not willing to work under those conditions, which will help you save recruitment time.
And you: What improvements would you make in the writing of your job offers? How do you attract good candidates?

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