Learning animals

Learning animals

The constant innovation in which we live makes the famous phrase “renew or die” today more relevant than ever. New technologies are evolving at breakneck speed. Therefore, both organizations and their employees must evolve at the rate that these advances do.

This reality means that more and more companies are looking to hire professionals with the ability to learn and not only that, but they have a proactive attitude when it comes to training, who show interest in being up to date with their profession and recycling, and to be aware that their employability will always be linked to continuing training and the flexibility they have to adapt to changing working environments.

“Learning animals”:

This is how inquisitive and curious people are referred to in Google, with natural interest to learn on their own. The Internet giant says that the key to keeping their teams at peak performance is to hire employees predisposed to training themselves.

And not just Google, more and more companies realize that the workers who perform the most are those who are hungry to learn. In the end, the importance lies in hiring candidates with potential, with the ability to adapt and grow in increasingly complex environments and roles. In addition, the way in which candidates are evaluated must also evolve, based in recent decades mainly on looking for professionals with the perfect combination of skills, and which is no longer sufficient in the current context, characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. In the new era of Talent, the potential to learn from new is much more valued.

When evaluating whether a candidate has such competence there are 4 distinctive characteristics that people should have: curiosity, vision, commitment and determination.

5 questions aimed at evaluating candidates' ability to learn:

  1. Have you done any retraining or self-training since you finished your studies?

  2. In your previous jobs, have you been proactive in your training, learning some new skills without anyone suggesting it, with the aim of increasing your value as a professional?

  3. When you had to perform tasks that weren’t your own, how did you approach them?

  4. Can you explain what for you is the best method to learn something fast?

  5. In the last 6 months, have you spent time learning something new just because you were interested in knowing more about a topic?

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