How to find your ideal candidate quickly

Looking for your ideal candidate for a job: Typical Mistakes

When it comes to filling a vacancy in a short period of time, it is common for us to forget or ignore some stages of the selection process that are necessary to make an assertive decision and avoid causing further harm in the future. It is normal that in these cases, the dates do not play in your favor, which in normal situations usually takes an average of 8 weeks.

In this context the most common mistake is hiring unsuitable candidates, we gain time losing quality; but you can not imagine the costs that can mean for your business a bad hiring. So, in today’s post we explain what you mustn’t do. when searching for IT talent urgently.

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Elaborate a bad job description

If we write a job offer quickly, without clearly reflecting the functions, skills and competencies necessary to do the job successfully, we put ourselves at the mercy of subjectivity. When choosing the best candidate, our choice will be based on an opinion, rather than a clear list of criteria. In addition, poor job descriptions will attract unsuitable candidates and unnecessarily increase the time spent reviewing CVs and conducting interviews.

Do not plan recruitment channels

If we post the job offer on job portals more generalists, regardless of where the candidates we need are and ignoring the potential of passive talent, it is very difficult for us to find our ideal candidate.

Not planning interviews with candidates

If we do not structure and think the questions to be asked in the interviewwe will end up maintaining a conversation with candidates that we will evaluate according to how enjoyable it has turned out, in the same way, if you do not consider previously the answers that you want to get with the questions, it will hardly be possible establish a standard parameter to measure all candidates equally. In addition, there will be more possibilities for us to be swayed by prejudice.

Ignoring the opinions of other employees

If we do not take into account the opinions of other team members it will be more difficult to verify that the candidate we select has the required skills and that it fits with the rest of the team and the culture of the company.

Schedule too many interviews

If we schedule many interviews in a short time it is very likely that we only remember in depth the first and last candidates with whom we have talked, without analyzing the conversations in depth. It is advisable to leave a space between interviews to analyze them and take conclusions.

How to select candidates for a job in record time?

When we need to hire urgently, before starting the process it is important to take into account all the possible variables that must be taken into account for the process to be completed successfully. We recommend you avoid sacrificing the quality of the candidate for speed, in the long term it can generate an increase in costs and time. Even so, if the need is imminent, from TalentFY we guarantee that we will find your ideal candidate in just 2 weeks!

If you think about the need and benefits of hiring the best candidates, your best option is TalentFY. We strive to find the ideal candidate for the tech and digital marketing job you need. In addition, you will have access to our digital platform where you can start and finish the process in a very agile way.

We will put you in touch with the best recruiters in Spain to find the best candidate for your company in less than 10 days. If you want to know more do not hesitate to schedule a demo that will allow you to live the experience of our customers first hand. What do you expect to outsource your selection process with us?

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