The 10 Most Demanded Soft Skills

The 10 Most Demanded Soft Skills

In today’s work environment it is very common to see that companies are no longer concerned only that employees know how to perform the tasks they are asked to perform, but that they must also meet a series of characteristics or skills that fit both the position demanded and the company itself. We are talking about those known as soft skills.

These skills that are demanded, apart from the techniques and knowledge required by each position, refer to essential or intrinsic characteristics in each person; characteristics that are very difficult to train or acquire.

Soft Skills: the basis of your personal relationships

Soft skills are those qualities that define a person emotionally and socially. We are not talking about professional competencies, but about characteristics that shape the personality, emotional intelligence and social skills of each worker, professionally speaking.

It is common to talk about soft skills as opposed to hard skills, but the truth is that they are two concepts that complement each other. It is not that they have a direct influence on each other, but it will be the sum of both “categories” that will define the complete profile of a candidate and, therefore, whether or not he/she fits in the project that the company has in mind.

And, now that the concept of hard skills is out, let’s clarify what both concepts mean:

  • Soft Skills: Emotional and social Soft Skills: that define a person’s personality and aptitudes.
  • Hard Skills: Technical Hard Skills: and knowledge, whether general or subject-specific, that can be taught and acquired.

It is often said that hard skills make you competent in a field, but it is the soft skills that will make you a good employee, partner… since they are the ones that will come to light in the personal interactions that will be formed.

Soft Skills of the future

Just as there are soft skills that are falling into oblivion, since technology has made it possible to replace them (such as the ability to memorize, numerical skills or the management and organization of paper documents), there are others that are the trend that companies are beginning to follow and demand in their employees.

Whether you are the CEO of a Start Up, a recruiter or a candidate, you should consider the list below, as these are the 10 soft skills that will be most in demand in the coming years, according to the World Economic Forum.

This is the list of the 10 most in-demand soft skills for the coming years:

  1. Analytical thinking and innovative capacity
  2. Continuous learning and learning strategies
  3. Problem-solving skills (complex problem solving)
  4. Critical thinking
  5. Creativity, originality and initiative
  6. Leadership and social influence
  7. Use, monitoring and control of technology
  8. Design and programming
  9. Resilience, stress tolerance and flexibility
  10. Reasoning and problem solving
And you, do you meet many of the most demanded soft skills? What do you think is the area where you need to work the most? We are listening!

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