Profiles for a perfect team

Essential profiles for a perfect team

To form a Template 10, you need your team to contain the magic formula of talent: influence, leadership, experience, vision, innovation and creativity.

In today’s article we present the 4 most demanded types of professionals that should not be missing in your business.

1) Game changers

Game changers are professionals with the ability to see things that others cannot see, they are employees with the potential to take a business to the next level and lay the foundation for sustainable success. The problem is that there are not many people with this ability, and often suffer the misunderstanding of their environment that often misinterpret their vision and dismiss them as difficult employees.

To take advantage of game changers, the company culture must be prepared to let their skills surface. If not, these employees may feel unhappy, frustrated and eventually leave the company.

  • How do we create a game changer culture?
They need their direct boss to give them the space, confidence and freedom to develop their creativity and try new things. But this is not usual today, as most companies are plagued by procedures and rules that play against game changers who do not like rigidity or control.

2) IBI (internal business influencers)

An IBI is an influencer, but among his co-workers. The internationalization and diversification of companies creates increasingly diverse workforce, and in this context the ibis are indispensable in “mobilizing and achieving a common vision“.

All thanks to its high ability to influence, connect, and analyze ratings about your comments and their impact. As general characteristics of the IBI we can say that they are people with the ability to act and make decisions quickly, are innovative and have a great winning spirit.

3) The Yes-yes

Contrary to the famous “neither study nor work” of the “Ni-ni generation”, the Yes-yes are young people who are engaged in their studies while they have a job. They are between 16 and 20 years old and the economic crisis has forced them to wake up and work to help pay for their training. This reality has generated a pool of young fighters, entrepreneurs, motivated, mature and responsible, qualities that companies do not want to miss.

4) The senior professionals

And the latest profiles are experienced professionals. You will hardly find young people in this group, but people over 45 can contribute a lot to a company. For example:

  • Experience.
  • Ability to anticipate certain situations.
  • More realistic and objective vision.
  • Greater stability and loyalty for/with the company.

How do I create my perfect template?

To achieve a diverse team where all these skills are present, it is important to observe your team and detect professionals who already have these skills, and empower them with training and business culture.

You will also need to plan your recruitment so that new recruits have some of these characteristics, which is not easy and sometimes it is advisable to go to external advice. In TalentFY we put at your disposal the largest network of recruiters specialized in IT profiles so that you find the talent you need. In addition, you can manage your searches from a single digital platform and streamline your selection processes.

Do you have your superhero team yet? What profiles do you think are essential in a company? Do you have any of these super profiles on your team?

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