How much a recruitment and selection process costs

How much does a recruitment and selection process cost?

If you have ever asked yourself “how much does a recruitment and selection process cost”, you should know that a recruitment and selection process can have a variable price, which depends on each process.

Aside from staffing, it also involves a great deal of technology. Recruitment companies such as TalentFY use artificial intelligence to find ideal candidates, and while this represents a cost, the result is worth it.

Other costs include registration fees for recruitment fairs and accommodation expenses. This article will explore some of the costs associated with these processes.

Everything you need to know about the cost of a recruitment and selection process

The selection processes in organizations are decisive since the selection of the right professionals will allow the teams to achieve the proposed objectives.

Undoubtedly the recruitment of personnel has a cost for the company which must represent a good return, for this reason consultancies such as TalentFY guarantee the quality of the candidates presented to make the investment worthwhile.

We give you some aspects to take into account in your next contract.

Time cost

If you are wondering how much a recruitment and selection process costs, you should know that hiring employees requires a great deal of time.

The time spent in the application selection and negotiation phase is accumulating.

In addition, the hiring process can take between 4 and 16 weeks. If the chosen candidate turns out to be incompatible with your company’s culture, it will cost your business more.

In addition, your current projects may be put on hold. All these costs can add up to a significant amount of money.

At TalentFY we find your ideal candidate in less than 10 days, saving you time and ensuring that your investment will be worthwhile. In addition, we work on a success basis, you pay when you hire.

Specialization in the position you are looking for

You should also keep in mind, if you’re wondering how much a recruitment and selection process costs, that hiring from internal sources can save you time and money.

Still, companies like TalentFY have access to industry-specific networks and top-quality job boards, that will connect you with professionals you would otherwise be hard-pressed to find.

In this way, if you find headhunters specialized in the positions or profiles you are looking for, you will be able to interview candidates who often are not looking for job offers but are open to new proposals.

A good agency recruiter has a wide network of potential candidates that will save you a lot of time.

Support throughout the selection process

When it comes to knowing how much a recruitment and selection process costs, remember that the selection process does not only involve the search for candidates.

This process begins with the writing of the job description and ends with the hiring and onboarding of the chosen candidate.

For this reason companies like TalentFY help you throughout the selection process so that from a single platform you can manage all stages of the process.

Additionally, you will have at your disposal a team of HR advisors who will accompany you in all the stages and solve your doubts.

This is how having a team of professionals who are your allies in the recruitment of your team becomes an investment with a good return by getting excellent professionals.

At the same time, if your company does not have the resources to manage all of this, an external recruiter may be your best option.

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