Avoid these 3 mistakes when hiring IT talent

Avoid these 3 mistakes when hiring IT talent

One of the aspects that companies value most today is tohave a large team of professionals in charge of the technological aspect In their organization. Therefore, hiring IT talent is one of the key parts in a company’s growth.

After all, they are the main ones in charge of driving the company’s digitalization process; to maintain and develop many of the tools used by the rest of the collaborators and often even the development and evolution of the final product when it comes to companies focused on technological or software solutions.

gráfico 86% de los empreadores tienen dificultades al contratar talento IT

However, the big problem in full 2021 is that it has become increasingly difficult to find the ideal staff to carry out such important tasks. And it gets worse. According to various media and research, the technology industry has the worst turnover ratio of all in the business sector with 13.2%.

So, not only is it difficult to fill IT vacancies with good candidates, but it is also much more difficult to retain that same talent compared to other positions.

What mistakes when hiring IT talent should you avoid?

What mistakes when hiring IT talent should you avoid? We refer to candidates who fit well with the culture, expectations and objectives. To achieve this, try to avoid these three mistakes when hiring IT talent:

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1. Not being well prepared

If there is one type of profiles that require preparation, it is those related to technology and computing.
It is recommended that, during the selection process, there are people who have computer skills and who know what they are looking for in a concrete way.
Having a good understanding of the skills and tools a candidate is looking for is a huge advantage.
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2. Consider only the technical part

Remember that you’re not just hiring an expert in Java, Python or Apache Spark. You’re adding a new member to your team. As such, it is extremely important that assess his character and how well he can fit in with the organizational culture and his new colleagues. This is vital, if you don’t want to find yourself very soon in the same position as you are now in a couple of months.

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3. Passively seeking candidates

Most candidates with a technical profile are not actively seeking employment. That is, they do not search on job platforms like Indeed or LinkedIn, nor sending CVs. It is important that you yourself search for profiles that can fit with what you are looking for within your network and show proactivity during the process. This can take a lot of time and energy, so if this isn’t an option for you, it might be a good time to think about outsourcing your recruitment efforts to this type of profile.

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And you, have you or have you had difficulty hiring IT talent?
How have you solved these hurdles in the selection process?

We will be happy to read your comments!

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