Types of bosses who look like movie characters

Types of bosses who look like movie characters

Each boss is unique and has its own methods to find the ideal candidate. However, many have things in common that remind us of great movie characters:

1) The one that ignores you

He is probably a workaholic who does not understand the meaning of “free time”. This kind of boss will hardly find a few minutes to call you or send you a simple email. – Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep) at The devil wears Prada

2) The narcissist

This type of boss will make sure to show you the effort of staying with you and how lucky you are to be delighted with his presence. He likes to feel important and sometimes he attributes achievements to others. – Jerry Macguire (Tom Cruise) at Jerry Macguire

3) The fussy one

He suffers from a lack of trust in those who work with him and needs to constantly monitor your actions. He calls you constantly asking for details and believes that everything you do is susceptible to improvement – Celia Foote (Jessica Chastain) at The Help

4) The friend

He strives to get along with you and build a trusting relationship. He is empathetic, close and will try to explain his decisions personally and make you participate in everything that can help – John Keating (Robin Williams) at Dead Poets Society

5) The abuser

This type of employer will make you give the most of yourself, but an excess can be exhausting. You must work constantly and rigorously until you convince him that he has squeezed your skills to the maximum for the benefit of the company. – Jack Byrnes (Robert de Niro) at Meet the parents

6) The authoritarian

It communicates with you unidirectionally and fits perfectly with the phrase “do as I say”. He probably won’t listen to your proposals, make restrictive decisions, and won’t feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t live up to his expectations. – Sgt Hartman (Lee Ermey) at Full Metal Jacket

7) The one who shows interest, but the departments do not pay attention to

He is attentive, patient and constant. He’ll listen to you and try to orient you whenever he can. However, the company ignores him so he will hardly fight for your proposals for change. – Sean Maguire (Robin Williams) at Good Will Hunting

8) He who calmly goes through life:

Dealing with a slow employer is not always easy, as it will slow down the process more than you’d like. Poorly organized person but with the ability to make great achievements and have great ideas – Homer Simpson

Can you think of any other kind of boss you’ve worked with? Tell us about your experience

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