Why outsource staff selection

Why outsource staff selection?

Outsourcing HR is a very good option and its success is in more and more companies, but we know that daring to take the step can be complicated and that there are many factors to consider.

I recommend reading our post How to know that the time has come to outsource your recruitment, in it we present some indicators that help you know if the time has come to consider outsourcing your selection processes.

In today’s post we present you less known but no less important reasons why you will know that it is time to take the step and outsource your recruitment. The factors we present today are not typical and they will surely surprise you!

Business competitiveness:

IT candidates are highly qualified and qualified people for jobs in the technology and computer sector, for this reason they are highly sought after profiles and difficult to find/contact. This competitiveness between companies can make your selection process very difficult, that you know how to sell your project and your business is the factor that will make you succeed with these profiles.

Having a team specialized in finding and dealing with IT profiles can help you contact good candidates (actives and passive) and know what they are looking for and want these technological profiles. In addition, these profiles know the candidates and know their preferences and potential fit before even calling them, so they save time on failed attempts.

Little persuasion and emotion:

Although there has always been the need to outsource selection processes, the appearance of certain portals and tools have devalued the value and the ability to excite businesses interested in hiring IT profiles.

These tools allow access to certain candidate profiles, but in the end these types of portals do not have the ability to excite with a new project and to make the candidate see the advantages of the offer.

Volume of work in HR:

In the HR sector everyone knows the so-called recruitment peaks. We talked about it in our post 3 keys to successfully face the selection process, where we give you some tips to prepare for the arrival of recruitment peaks.

In these stages sure that your recruiting staff is overwhelmed, the best option for them to focus on profiles that take them less work is to outsource the selection of the most complicated profiles to get and work, Technology and IT profiles are always used.

As you have seen outsourcing may be the best option for any type of business. If you have not yet decided to take the step and outsource your selection processes, do not hesitate to read our post Benefits and drawbacks of outsourcing your selection processes.

And you: Have you outsourced your HR at any point? What aspects made you make this decision? What advantages did it bring to your business?

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