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6 new recruitment techniques you should know

Currently, all companies want in their workforce the best profiles, which adapt both in the workplace and in the culture and values of the business. Although it is not an easy process, there are now tools to eliminate a little difficulty in finding the ideal candidate.

Depending on the open positions different techniques should be used or combined, in the case of IT profiles you can know some more focused here.

diferencias candidato it vs otro tipo de perfil

1. Gamification:

One of the most successful and common recruitment techniques today. It’s about using game tools to test candidates in a more dynamic and entertaining way.

These games evaluate the qualities and knowledge in different situations, also take into account the reaction of the evaluated to a specific case.

2. Video - Interview:

More and more companies are betting on the use of online platforms such as Skype or Teams to make their selection processes, especially if it is a massive one.

The video-call serves to know and evaluate the nonverbal language of the candidates and to make a filter that allows to advance later, if the case, to a face-to-face interview. It will also save the company time and money.

3. Pre-recorded video calls:

These interviews are a great time saver for HR staff as instead of interviewing candidates one by one they only have to record the most important questions once and leave them scheduled so that all candidates can see them from independently.

As in the video call, digital platforms are used and aspects that facilitate the initial filter are evaluated.

4. Smart recruitment:

Algorithms that work through artificial intelligence, allow to analyze and cross information to find ideal candidates based on the needs of the company and the mandatory skills to fill the vacancy.

For this, it is becoming more common for companies to outsource their selection processes to platforms such as TalentFY that will bring benefits and quality, in the shortest possible time.

5. Inbound recruiting:

Implement marketing as a strategy of recruitment and recognition, not only serves new customers, but also, new candidates. Even those who are not looking for a new job.

Inbound Recruiting uses social networks and media to publicize the benefits offered by the company, internal policies, etc. All this, with the purpose of making the candidates communicate through these platforms.

6. The blind resumee:

Focusing on the skills of the candidate should be the most important when choosing, previous studies and experiences are decisive to evaluate a resume in depth in the early stages of the selection process.

Resumes that do not contain the candidate’s personal traits such as name or date of birth. The aim is to judge objectively by getting rid of prejudices concerning age, gender, race, etc.

And you: What techniques do you use to find your ideal candidate? Did any of the techniques we mentioned help you?

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