Tools to find the best candidate in networks

Tools to find the best candidate in networks

Tired/tired of analyzing dozens of resumes that don’t match what you’re looking for?

With so much technology, platforms, extensions, plug-ins, communities… In TalentFY we have found 4 tools that allow you to easily find good profiles on networks.

Of course, once you have identified the professionals you would like to find, you will have the arduous task of contacting them and finding out if they are interested in moving to your company or if they are already immersed in offers and they will not listen to you… But let’s not get ahead of the obstacles and enjoy until we can these clever tools.

Recruitment Geek LinkedIn Xray Search - Candidates on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Xray Search
Recruitment Geek LinkedIn Xray Search is a predefined search in Google that makes it very easy. Enter in the search engine the list of skills required for the position, city or country where you need to look for talent, and give the magnifying glass icon. In less than a minute, the application tracks LinkedIn profiles, displaying on your screen a list of professionals who meet your requirements.

But… What’s the advantage of searching on LinkedIn? Well, first that this tool allows to dodge the limit of free searches of people allowed by LinkedIn monthly. And, secondly, that the results are different, because your profile and your contacts condition your searches on LinkedIn, while when you make them in this search engine these conditions disappear and the results are neutral.

HireEZ - Boolean searches

HireEZ is a talent search engine, which you can also use by downloading its Chrome browser extension. You can try it for free and among all its functionalities users highlight its creator of strings of text, to make boolean searches in different platforms.

Directly from this tool you can perform Boolean searches on 34 different platforms, grouped by themes. In addition, HireEZ offers a smart search for candidates on Facebook and Github through the keywords you select and the city or country that interests you.

Another interesting and free feature is its contact data search engine. If you’re interested in reaching a particular person, you can get their contact information if you know their name, location, and company they work for.

Recruit’em - Candidates in 7 social networks

Recruit’em is a social media profile search tool that works for free on LinkedIn, Google+, Stack Overflow, GitHub, XING, Dribble and Twitter. It uses common parameters such as location, position, skills or level of instruction.

This application also creates text strings for boolean searches in Google, which you can edit according to your needs. After user requests, it now also allows the use of the search parameters AND” and OR”.

And if you regularly use Recruit’em for the same type of candidates, you have the option to save searches, saving you time. In addition, you will be able to conduct your searches from the same website, that if each social network has its separate tab with its parameters to fill.

Followerwonk - Candidates on Twitter

Followerwonk is a Twitter analytics tool. Although it has been designed to analyze and optimize the growth of accounts in this social network, your search engine for people by keywords can be useful when recruiting. This search engine allows you to locate professionals with specific characteristics.

Followerwonk has two very interesting points: one that allows you to take a look at the tweets of your potential candidates and even establish a first contact with them, and another that you may be interested in incorporating a professional with specific hobbies. If for example you are looking for a copywriter for a company that sells basketball equipment, you will surely want someone who likes this sport and it is very likely that person will explain their hobbies in their profile or biography of Twitter.

And you knew these tools? Have you ever used them? What other tools do you know that we haven’t discussed in the article?

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