social recruiting tecnologia y procesos de seleccion

Social Recruiting: Technology and Selection Processes

Social Recruiting (or Recruitment 2.0) is a trend that has been growing very quickly in the selection processes of both large companies and SMEs and StartUps. The use of the Internet and, more specifically, social networks is something that provides a lot of information to candidates, but also to companies.

Social networks help recruiters analyze and evaluate the candidates they must select, and this leads us to a fairly immediate conclusion: on equal terms, the candidate with a more attractive social profile will be the one who declines the balance.

But we do not want to reduce Social Recruiting simply to social networks, since it includes a series of practices and advantages that go far beyond and that, of course, we will analyze right here.

What is Social Recruiting?

Recruitment 2.0 is a personnel selection method that consists of attracting and attracting talent through 2.0 tools, mainly websites, online platforms and social networks. Therefore, it is no coincidence that it is also known as Social Recruiting.

Advantages of Social Recruiting

  • Saves time and money. As with everything in general, the fact of using the internet streamlines and cheapens processes. The publication of the offer, its dissemination, reach the candidates, attract them, communicate with them… Everything is much cheaper and agile.
  • It allows to know better the candidates. Recruitment 2.0 allows a much more direct contact with each and every candidate, especially if the strategy involves social networks.
  • It allows you to reach passive candidates. Social Recruiting and Inbound Recruitment are two concepts that go hand in hand. Following a clear communication strategy, as well as performing a good engagement with your audience, you can have a wide knowledge of what type of audience you have, which, after all, are your potential candidates.
  • It reinforces Employer Branding. A company that uses technology and social networks to communicate with its audience transmits more closeness, personality and, in general, a better image.

How to do it properly

  • The process must be easy and communication fluid.
  • Fluid communication means that the response time must be short, whatever the means of communication.
  • Generate a pleasant treatment without a marked hierarchy.
  • The aim of the previous points is basically to ensure good user/candidate experience.
  • The tool in use must be able to be used from a mobile. This is essential and practically the basis of the strategy. Looking for work through mobile is no longer a trend, but a constant that only grows.
  • Social networks are a great boost for recruitment 2.0, but we should not forget that LinkedIn is the queen if it comes to professional profiles

Where to carry it out

  • Use your social networks and adapt your communication to each of them but, above all, to the profiles you are interested in attracting.
  • Online platforms (job portal, the website itself…). There are also process automation tools, such as TalentFY.
  • Mobile apps. You can include in your recruitment strategy 2.0 the use of some app, either own or external.
  • Videoconferencing, a trend that has grown exponentially under current circumstances and for remote work.
And you, do you use Social Recruiting in your company? Have you participated in any selection process of this style? Tell us!

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