What is Gamification in Selection Processes

What is Gamification in Selection Processes?

We have already commented on numerous occasions that the management of Human Resources and, more specifically, of the selection processes are suffering significant changes given the current circumstances (pandemic), the evolution of technology and the effectiveness that new methods have shown. Without going any further, a few weeks ago we analyzed the 5 recruitment trends that we would find in 2021 and, among them, without a doubt, is the Gamification in the Selection Processes.

What is the Gamification?

. It comes from the word ‘game’. With this, we can conclude that gamification consists of the application of concepts, mechanics or elements of games in contexts that are not games, so fun and entertainment are not the end of those activities.

Regarding Gamification in Selection Processes, the definition remains the same. We are talking about the application of elements of the games in a selection process as a method to capture the best profile among candidates.

Objectives of Gamification in Selection Processes

When Gamification is applied in Selection Processes, what is pursued, apart from a number of factors that will help you improve your Employer Branding and the productivity of your processes, is to quantify and evaluate the soft skills of your candidates over their knowledge itself. In this way you can evaluate criteria that, with other methods, are practically impossible to evaluate or foresee in a person. We are talking about behaviors, reaction times, stress management, teamwork, ability to find solutions…

With this, we understand that Gamification is not a resource that seeks to value the training and knowledge of candidates in the area that will develop the functions, but the own and intrinsic skills of each person. This is how, thanks to Gamification, you can anticipate how each candidate would behave once they were working in the company.

What are the benefits of Gamification in Selection Processes?

  1. Objective results are achieved. Games are generally handled with concrete and measurable results, although within these there is the possibility of a possible interpretation. This is why Gamification is quite effective at avoiding the Halo effect and the Horn effect, which allows the choice of candidate to be more objective than personal.
  2. It saves the employer a lot of time by allowing multiple candidates to be evaluated at once with a single game/test. Keep in mind that, with the technology, the games can be carried out online or, even, each candidate can do it at the time you want within a deadline, if deemed appropriate by the company.
  3. Improves the candidate’s experience. Being an unusual, playful and innovative process, candidates perceive the company as a good place to work and in which groundbreaking actions are applied. As a result, Employer Branding benefits, even if candidates are not selected.
  4. Less pressure on the candidate. Facing a selection process is always a challenge and, in many cases, the pressure can be very high so getting a job can mean for each person. Gamification can help candidates cope with this process in a more natural and relaxed way and thus to achieve better or at least more reliable results that reflect their biased abilities.
  5. Technology can be easily included. This allows various functionalities that, in turn, carry a number of benefits that can range from time savings, as discussed above, to automation of certain processes and/or analysis of results.
  6. Allows you to measure specific skills. The games and modalities are very varied. There is no limit or set games to be followed, but the concept of Gamification is so flexible that it allows the inclusion of any kind of test to measure the specific skills that the employer wishes to assess in its candidates.

Examples of Gamification

  1. Rankings. After each game or level, it is important to teach something that personalizes the results obtained to keep them motivated in order to meet the objectives. It is an objective way to show the result of each of the candidates at every moment.
  2. Rewards. Knowing that at the end of a game there is a reward is tremendously stimulating. This is why this is one of the most used methods internally in many companies. In the selection processes, they can be applied in the same way and with various rewards (pass to a next interview, a bonus, flexible schedule…).
  3. Progress bars Like the rankings, it is a way to keep the candidates up to date on their individual and collective progress, as well as to have their goals in focus and keep the motivation to get on top.
  4. Puzzles. It is a widely used method to assess the way each candidate acts and react to situations of uncertainty or that can generate mental blocks. They also allow to appreciate the techniques that each candidate uses to solve problems.
Have you ever been part of a Gamification in a Selection Process? Do you apply it or would you apply it in your company? Share your opinion with us!

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