Multicultural companies advantages and challenges

Multicultural companies: advantages and challenges

New technologies allow companies to have professionals from different parts of the world creating multicultural companies with new challenges and advantages.

According to a study by Boston Consulting Group (The Mix That Matters: Innovation Through Diversity), multicultural companies earn 19% more revenue than others.

Undoubtedly having the knowledge of different cultures is a great advantage for companies but also a challenge when managing communication and corporate culture.

In this blog we tell you what are the main advantages and challenges of multicultural companies.

Advantages of working in multicultural companies

Improves creativity

The variety of ideas has to do with the cultural richness of the teams that allows them to have different points of view according to their professional and personal experiences.

Additionally, problem solving is enriched by the behavioral styles of each culture.

Improves productivity

The diversity of thinking will create innovative ideas that will give a boost to the projects of the organization improving its results.

In this way, the contributions of the team members that generate constructive criticism will make the company increase its ability to detect opportunities for improvement, to correct them and thus generate greater profit.

Enhances the reputation

Multiculturalism brings integration through corporate values with which the team will be a sample of the good management of corporate culture thus improving its reputation.

Likewise, when working on the integration of the team, the employer branding is also worked with which the image of the organization is strengthened.

The good reputation that results from well-done internal work will undoubtedly be reflected in the results of the entity.

Challenges in managing professionals in multicultural companies

Managing cultural differences

Finding the midpoint to manage the needs of each culture can be a big challenge.

The answer to this challenge is the integration of the team around the values of the organization promoting the listening and active participation of employees.

A good question to consider is this culture that can bring you to my corporate values and how can you manage it?

In this way the cultural richness of the organization will increase focused on the institutional horizon.

Enjoying and enhancing diversity

Diversity becomes a value of the organization as long as it is managed correctly.

For this it is essential to incorporate the ideas of the different members of the team and generate processes of cultural dissemination and exchange of experiences.

Although it is not possible to respond to each of the cultural needs if inclusion policies can be generated that reduce conflicts and improve the company’s results.

Ensure that there are no discriminatory attitudes

The management of multicultural templates requires a thorough knowledge of existing legislation, which prohibits any discrimination in terms of racial origin, religion or belief.

It must be made very clear that no discriminatory policy or attitude will be allowed.

Adapting the selection processes

It is not necessary to consider the need to have a multicultural workforce, but to hire professionals according to their professional abilities.

This prevents, if necessary, the homogenization of the workforce on the basis of national or racial identity.

A good way to achieve this is to make use of blind CV, if you want to know more we recommend you read our article All you should know about blind CV.

Offer flexibility and adaptability

It is important to make holiday periods more flexible according to the needs of your workers and to enable spaces for their different peculiarities.

And you: Are you part of a multicultural company? What do you do to best manage cultural differences?

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