Find out the bests ATS on the market

Meet the 10 best ATS on the market

If you got here, you probably already know what an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is in Spanish, Selection Process Management System. However, when it comes to recruitment automation, we are very detailed in the explanation, we do not want anything to escape us.

Therefore, although in TalentFY we are not an ats, but an intermediary platform between companies and the best recruiters in the market in record time, today we invite you to know what are the best ATS currently and the reasons why they have positioned themselves as such. When it comes to outsourcing a selection process, automation is the solution.

What is an ATS in staff selection?

As the name suggests, a recruitment ATS is a software or program that manages the entire recruitment process. The automation of robotic processes through a single interface makes the recruitment process accelerate and the time spent on filling vacancies decreases, an example is the typical publication of offer in the different job portals and subsequent monitoring.

Currently, with the advent of digital transformation, the use of this type of digital tools is almost imperative in human resources. These recruitment software will help you search and filter candidate resumes according to the parameters required by your organization.

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Top 10 best staff selection software

1. Greenhouse

It offers a user-friendly platform, with different interaction models for candidates, which involves the whole team in the process. With Greenhouse, talent recruitment goes from an isolated process to a strategic business base.

This software will allow you to automate administrative load by customizing various functions, measuring candidate experience and integrating workflows.

2. SmartRecruiters

This is a platform for companies who want to take advantage of the functionality of a modern candidate tracking system. SmartRecruiters has the ability to adapt to complicated needs of the company and align with the international requirements of companies with headquarters in different countries.

Thus, it is a secure software with excellent usability reviews, its users applaud how easy it is for the selection team and how comfortable it is for candidates.

3. Jobvite

Thanks to artificial intelligence this platform gives its customers a fast, assertive and reliable hiring. Its software is characterized by being easy to use and with tools to make social recruitment.

In addition, it helps internal recruitment teams excel at all stages of the selection process, while offering an excellent experience for the candidate.

4. Lever

It is a recruitment and selection software with solutions specialized in small and medium enterprises, has managed to manage the entire life cycle of profiles during the selection process from a single system.

Additionally, it allows the team to work collaboratively from one platform and integrates seamlessly with almost all major HR technology platforms.

5. BreezyHR

Designed to reap the benefits of collaborative recruitment and end-to-end hiring for teams of 10 to 10,000 people. It will not only allow you to automate tasks such as posting job offers on more than 50 job search sites, but also selection, interview scheduling and tracking.

Breezy HR is characterized by its modern approach to candidate tracking.

6. TeamTailor

TeamTailor allows you to 100% customize the page layout that candidates view by improving their experience with the brand. This can be the solution that will help you attract more and better candidates with multiple recruitment processes, increasing your candidate database.

Based on the above, you will have an ATS software with all the functionalities to reinforce your employer branding, CX and analysis in your selection process.

7. ClearCompany

Their recruitment software is integrated with a robust ATS suite that allows organizations to view information throughout the employee lifecycle.

With ClearCompany you can have solutions in recruitment, onboarding, planning, goal alignment, results management, among others.

8. Warkable

One of the most used software globally that will allow you to find and attract talent from a large volume of candidates at the same time.

Its automated AI tools provide fast and secure global support, as well as recruitment tutorials, onboarding assistance and highly qualified recruitment teams.

For this reason, Workable allows a simple and collaborative use for the people in charge of the selection process.

9. Bizneo

It is a platform that will allow you to attract talent and manage various Human Resources processes, in one place. In addition, Bizneo offers content to improve your HR practices.

You and your employees will be able to handle different routine activities from the mobile safely.

10. Altamira Recruiting

Altamira Recruiting will allow you to leverage and automate your candidate database, as well as customize the software according to your needs. This platform will allow you to manage the selection process and the employer branding of your organization.

In this way, you will no longer have to receive the CVs by email, in a single platform you will have access to all the information, as well as the advantage of making social recruitment.

That's it!

Now that you know which are the best personnel selection software on the market, we invite you to review them and find the one that best suits your needs. Remember that on the TalentFY blog you will find all about recruitment every week

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