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'We look for the best in the market to outsource our processes.
That’s why we continue hiring with TalentFY'

Find out why Mática keeps hiring through TalentFY over and over again.

Mática offers Big Data and AI solutions to improve the competitive advantage of its customers.

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Video Transcript

In what context did you ask TalentFY for help in each case?

In Mática, we move in a need for very complex profiles. I would say it is the most demanded profile typology on the market, for example engineers and data scientists.

And we find that, by our own means, we no longer manage to meet all needs.

I don’t remember how it was, if we contacted or if you contacted us… but the truth is that there was a good chemistry and from there we started to work.

What would you highlight from the collaboration with TalentFY?

I would highlight two things.

The first is that, unlike other platforms or other search firms, TalentFY is a platform that in the end is always ensuring that the three best hunters for a position are looking for the best profiles for you.

This is an absolutely differential fact and in addition each of them can bring you around three candidates, whereupon three by three: nine. This is not done by anyone else on the market.

And the second is resolution times. With TalentFY, we know that if we open a position on a Monday, the most likely thing is that on Friday we are already doing the first qualified interviews and next week we close the process.

And why would you hire with TalentFY again? Why do you keep hiringwith us, in your case?

I keep hiring with your company because it works. We are absolutely pragmatic on this. We do not have staff department or departments that are dedicated to HR. We simply look for the best to outsource our processes. And in this case, we are and continue with TalentFY. From our point of view, you are the best on the market.

What would you highlight technologically from TalentFY?

Basically, their platform. It’s what makes them differential.

In the end, it is a platform that processes data in huge amounts and is able to match both the candidate you’re looking for, and the best hunter for it. And through algorithms it makes the best matching.

And this, because we know about Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, we know that it works.

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