Employer Branding what is and why is so important

What is Employer Branding and why is it so important?

The concept of Employer Branding is not new, far from it. What is true is that until relatively recently it was only the largest companies that were concerned about it. However, in recent years this trend has begun to change and Employer Branding is one more aspect that a company must compete for if it wants to position itself positively in the minds of its employees, its customers and, above all, its (potential) candidates.

What is Employer Branding?

Employer Branding is a concept that refers to the strength of your company’s brand as an employer. In other words, if you have a good Employer Branding, it means that both your employees and your public perceive that your company is a good place to develop professionally. On the other hand, having a bad Employer Branding implies that something is wrong with your corporate image and that both your employees and the image that the public perceives of you is not good.

Benefits of having a good Employer Branding

If it is important to develop Employer Branding is not only to achieve a better external image, but also because the attraction and retention of talent is an advantage that is worth gold in any organization, and now we will see why .

  • Improved corporate image. Indeed, this is the most obvious point. If I have a well-developed Employer Branding, both internal and external audiences will position me better, and this will have a positive impact on my results.
  • Attracts talent. A good Employer Branding makes people want to work for you, and this translates into an influx of Talent in your company.
  • Build talent loyalty, as a direct consequence of treating your staff properly and providing them with what they need to perform their duties and keep them motivated.
  • Increase the satisfaction of your employees. If your staff is happy, the climate in your company is better, and there is nothing better than working at ease. And this, in turn, will improve your team’s productivity. All benefits.
  • Reinforce the feeling of belonging to your company, and a more involved workforce is a productive workforce. Generating brand ambassadors is one of the main objectives of the strategy.
  • Competitive advantage over the competition. Having the best talent in your company will give you that extra edge over your competition. Making them want to work for you and not for them will be a battle you will have to win.
  • Cost reduction in selection and rotation. Attracting talent will reduce your search and selection costs. The retention of the same will do so in the rotation costs.

How to implement an Employer Branding strategy?

Employer Branding is nothing more and nothing less than another company strategy and, as such, it is necessary to work on it and coordinate it among all departments to establish the specific actions to be taken by each one of them. In this sense, the company should start by defining what its values, personality and way of communicating are or what it wants them to be. Once the foundations have been laid, you will have to get down to work, taking into account a series of factors that will directly influence your results:

  1. Transparency. Towards your employees, your audience and your candidates. It is about communicating and transmitting the real values of your company; those that you have previously defined, worked on and implemented. Obviously, your values should be aligned with what the company wants to represent, as well as what employees want to feel from the company.
  2. Don’t neglect Talent. People are the foundation of your company, so you should never neglect them or stop listening to them. On the contrary. It is very important that the employee feels that he/she is taken into account and cared for. The retention and loyalty of talent involves getting to know your employees in depth, taking into account their interests, concerns and pains, and providing them with everything in the company’s hands (rest areas, better work tools, Teambuilding activities, promotions or departmental changes, flexible working hours, work-life balance, social benefits…).
  3. Turn employees into brand ambassadors. This is a consequence of all of the above. You can let them talk about you in their own circles, or better yet: you can provide them with spaces where they can do so. On your website, on your social networks, through blog interviews, corporate videos for social networks… you choose!
  4. Use your Social Networks. When we talk about Employer Branding, we are talking about transmitting an image. Make noise. Let everyone know how good you are with your employees, how well your company works and how good the atmosphere is. Who wouldn’t want to work for such a company? If the job is well done, you will soon have top talent knocking on your door.
Did you know the concept of Employer Branding? Do you apply it in your company? What improvements have you obtained? We are listening!

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