The growth of the technology sector

The growth of the technology sector

We already know that many of the jobs that our parents and grandparents worked no longer exist and many other jobs are about to disappear, yet there are sectors that treasure a hopeful future. A European Commission study finds that by 2030, 30% of young people will be working in positions that do not exist today.

The most important sector in this field is information and communication technologies, which are gaining importance at a considerable speed. According to figures from the Department of Economic Management, Resources and Economic Promotion of the municipality, 59,393 people work in ICT-related jobs in 2,800 companies in Barcelona (data from 2018).

It is clear that we are in the Technological Age and we must adapt as quickly as possible. For this reason, today we bring you the 3 trends with the most impact in the technology sector.

1. Artificial Intelligence:

The current Artificial Intelligenceit is used in order to speed up processes. It is more common in areas related to cybersecurity and database management and optimization. These systems can automate processes, but this technology still has a long way to go to bring out its full potential.

While AI is also being successfully applied in areas such as talent selection, the use of automation tools in HR should not have the connotation of coldness but rather of fostering effectiveness.

This is the case of TalentFY that uses AI to select the best recruiters based on their history of hirings adapted to each job offer that comes up on the platform. In this way, we managed to streamline the selection processes by presenting more suitable candidates in a short space of time (less than 10 days).

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2. Blockchain:

Blockchain is a technology that allows to eliminate intermediaries for the realization of economic transactions. It is based on the existence of a distributed database whose records are encrypted so that transactions can be properly secured and private.

3. Machine Learning:

Machine learning based on deep neural networks (DNNs) has made great progress in recent years. This technology optimizes decision-making by integrating data into its context.

4. Virtual Reality:

Virtual Reality allows us to visualize an environment through a digital device. This technology is being developed to be more economical, lightweight and comfortable. If you want to know more about VR and how it is integrating into HR do not hesitate to read our post Virtual Reality in the world of recruiting.

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Have you implemented any of these trends in your business? Which of these tools do you find most useful? Do you think they can help improve selection processes?

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