"We got our CTO in just one week."

Moonshot is a platform, based on neural networks and AI, for creating and managing digital environments with startups, investors and other innovation-related stakeholders.

Moonshot Caso de éxito

Video Transcript

In what context did you ask TalentFY for help in each case?

At Moonshot we needed a CTO role with some urgency. We contacted TalentFY until they offered us to try the service. It was the right choice and, in a short time, we found the profile we were looking for.

What motivated you to choose TalentFY?

The promise of results in a short time, with options to choose from. We were already with other recruiters, but we prefer to work StartUp to StartUp.

What would you highlight from the collaboration with TalentFY?

We especially liked having the recruiter’s point of view on each candidate. They provided us with a summary of what they had seen in the first interviews with a candidate.

Why would you hire us again?

The focus, because all the candidates you sent us were of high quality, and the speed, in one week we received 4 candidates totally aligned with our needs.

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