Pros and Cons of outsourcing your selection processes

Pros and cons of outsourcing your selection processes

Currently, the outsourcing of selection processes is no longer an alternative to attract talent but an essential. Are you curious and want to know more? In today’s post we will talk about the possible benefits and inconveniences that can involve the outsourcing of headhunting tasks.


We first talk about the main benefits that a good outsourcing of selection processes can bring to your business.

  1. Reduction of recruitment time: The best recruiters have a portfolio of candidates with whom they maintain constant contact. For this reason, their candidates are more inclined to listen and accept proposals.

  2. Cost saving: the reduction in the recruitment time we have just spoken of entails a reduction in the costs of having an open vacancy. In addition, the quality of the contracts eliminates the costs of turnover of staff, learning curve and the opportunity cost of a higher quality of work.

  3. Increased control: Delegating the selection of personnel to experts specialized in this task gives you greater control over your other responsibilities. In TalentFY, you always have the last word and you can control the recruitment process at all times.

  4. Risk minimization: The best recruiters have the skills and knowledge to find the right candidate for your business. A candidate interested in your project, the values and culture of your company leads to a better and faster adaptation, a greater contribution of value and a lower risk of abandonment.


We have talked about the advantages, but outsourcing is not always synonymous with better results. Here are two possible drawbacks to outsourcing staff selection.

  1. Loss of access to experience and knowledge: With the outsourcing process you can lose the possibility to acquire knowledge based on your own experience, creating some dependence on talent providers.

  2. Need for a cooperative environment:trust is very important for successful outsourcing. If you do not have an open attitude and a cooperative environment the recruitment process will be harmed and slowed down

As we have just seen, outsourcing selection processes can entail some risks and drawbacks. Even so, these can be countered if we follow the advice set out in our post Solutions and tricks that will help you find your ideal candidate.

And you: have you encountered some of the risks we have discussed? How did you get over them? What advice would you give to companies that start outsourcing their selection processes?

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