3 keys to successfully face the selection process

3 keys to successfully face the selection process

Have you come across a selection process that has taken longer than expected? How many times have you said to yourself: next time I’ll plan everything to be as efficient as possible?

Today we bring you 3 keys so that when you have to face the monitoring of a new vacant position everything is simple.

1. Make sure you have a great Job Description

It’s important to have well-defined and documented roles in your organization: what each position does and what talent is available. In this way, in case a vacancy occurs, it will be much easier to be clear what profile you need to cover a certain position, what skills you must have and you will not have to create the Job Description from scratch.

The Job Description must be clear, comprehensive and attractive. An excellent job description will attract and charm the right candidates.

2. Defines well the selection process for candidates

The moment there is a vacancy to fill, you must be very clear about the funnel through which candidates will pass. There are five points you should have well planned:

  • How will candidates know your job offer?You must define which channels you will use to publicize the offer and which are best for the type of profile you are looking for.

  • How many candidates apply to the offer? Track how many candidates visit the offer or have been directly contacted and how many of them end up signing up. This conversion rate will give you clues about the effectiveness of the Job Description.

  • Are the candidates who have signed up ideal for the job?Make sure candidates’ skills and experience match those you need.

  • Make sure candidates’ skills and experience match those you need. After our selection process we select those candidates who fit the vacancy both by curriculum and by soft-skills. After the final interview an offer is usually made to the candidate who best fits the position.

  • Shall we launch an offer?It is very important to keep track of the expectations of the candidate and that the salary offered matches the market figures of that profile.

3. Make sure to reach all candidates and find your ideal candidate

The best candidates tend to be passive, especially in digital profiles. Passive candidates are those who are not actively looking for a new job, but who are open to change if a good opportunity appears. And how do you access these candidates? The only possible solution is through contacts, either these internal referrals or through professionals such as Recruiters.

This is why new solutions are emerging that provide technology to streamline the selection process and optimize the results of a selection process with recruiters. The TalentFY platform will allow you to access passive and active candidates. In addition, it allows you to control the entire selection process and we advise you to define well what you are looking for and find your ideal IT candidate.

If you have still some doubts I recommend you read our post Everything you need to know about outsourcing recruiting.

And you: What problems do you usually have when it comes to finding quality candidates? What keys would you give to other entrepreneurs to overcome these problems?

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