Discover how to hire quickly and effectively

Discover how to hire quickly and effectively

The benefits of hiring faster are undoubted: it helps us attract the best talent, provide a good experience to candidates, save us a lot of resources, and build an employer branding (More information in our article 4 tips to improve your Employer Branding) powerful in our organization.

However, the advantages of hiring fast can fade if we are not able to maintain the quality of new hires. So the first question that comes to mind is: How can we recruit faster without sacrificing the quality of our hiring?

Tips to increase the speed of your selection processes

  1. Create a recruitment plan
Before you start, it’s important to have a plan about what your recruitment strategy is going to be. Take time to think and write down the steps you’re going to take, and find ways to tailor the process to work more efficiently.

To define a good strategy, it is key to use metrics that give us information about the results of past actions. Every recruiter should have a set of indicators on the recruitment process, as they give us the possibility to decide better how to deal with it. For example, a useful indicator would be to know how many candidates we usually need to fill certain types of positions.

If you follow your metrics and stick to your recruitment plan, you’ll be able to set goals.
  1. Create a job profile and write a clear and precise announcement

A clear and accurate description of the vacant position will ensure you more suitable candidates.

Take the time you need to create a profile that clearly describes the job functions, responsibilities, limitations, technical requirements, salary and even the personality of the candidate you are looking for. If you do well, you will save a lot of time in the screening process.

We recommend reading this article, Steps to follow to create the profile of your ideal candidate, where we explain step by step how to create the profile of the candidate you want to hire for the vacancy.

  1. Post your job offer in the right place
Currently, many companies use the multiposting technique, which consists of publishing the offer on various job portals and job exchanges so that the ad gets a greater visibility.

Many believe, by mistake, that the more candidates see your ad, the more talent they will have to choose. Is not usually the case. Actually, it is more advisable to try to be selective and spread the ad only in those channels where our target candidates fit better.

We have already explained in other articles that you must work job portals where you know your ideal candidate is going to move. This is one of the reasons why we create the profile of our ideal candidate, to know him and what his needs are, his interests and where to find him.

If we publish our job offer on many online platforms, we will receive hundreds of resumes that will not fit what we are looking for. We will therefore slow down the selection process very much.
  1. Automate your recruitment process

The automation of tasks using recruitment software can help us to optimize and greatly simplify a selection process.

It allows us to store candidates’ resumes in one place, easily locate applicants, send them automated messages, assign responsibilities to recruiting team members, etc. Efficient and simple software can make our hiring much faster.

A good option is to work with TalentFY, an online platform that helps you find and manage the best IT talent, we connect you with the best recruiters to introduce you to your ideal candidate quickly and effectively. To know more, do not hesitate to read our article Why find talent through TalentFY?

  1. Be more selective about candidates than interviews

If you’ve interviewed many candidates personally, you’ve probably noticed that, in many cases, with just 5 minutes, you know if a person doesn’t fit for the job. However, you force yourself to continue the interview for education.

A good way to avoid spending time interviewing unsuitable candidates is to conduct video interviews prior to the personal encounter. Asking applicants to record themselves by answering two or three relevant questions can help us analyze them quickly and rule out those that are unsuitable.

To optimize this practice you should ask the most impactful questions first. Choose those that help you make the most of your time.

  1. Outsource your selection processes

Outsourcing of selection processes is very common today. In fact, more and more organizations rely on experienced selection consultants.

Among the benefits associated with your service, we highlight the reduction of recruitment time. This is because consultants constantly shuffle interesting candidates and have great expertise to find new ones quickly.

The reasons why companies decide to outsource recruitment are very diverse: improve the quality of candidates, reduce a high turnover rate, improve the follow-up of candidates, develop competitive advantages, etc. In our blog we have told you several times about the advantages of outsourcing your selection, here are 4 essential articles to read:

And you: How do you quickly close your selection processes? Have these tips been helpful?

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