Everything you need to know about recruiting outsourcing

Everything you need to know about recruiting outsourcing

If you’re looking for talent, it’s normal to want a winning profile that makes a difference. Finding this type of profile is complicated, since you are usually working in other companies, the few that are free stay little time looking for employment and applying to offers. So how will you find this talent?

A very good option is to outsource your selection processes, in today’s post we explain the most important points you should know to outsource recruitment successfully.

When do you want to outsource?

It is essential to identify in time the symptoms that indicate that the time has come to outsource your selection processes.

The most relevant symptoms are the difficulty of filling vacancies quickly, that is, not filling in time one or several positions and, above all, the growing difficulty of finding qualified candidates for highly specialized and/or demanded positions (very frequent in IT profiles).

To know more about the signs that indicate the need to outsource recruitment I invite you to read our post Is it time to outsource your recruitment?.

How to find the ideal candidate?

The main advantage of having specialized Headhunters is that you will have access to passive candidates (not actively looking for work) and active candidates. Thanks to the specialization of Recruiters you will have access to profiles of higher quality and that fit perfectly with the values and culture of your company. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, it makes perfect sense. If you think about it, when you post a job offer and there are candidates who apply, these same candidates know each other well and evaluate whether they fit the offer. Instead, when a Recruiter is looking for candidates, he first reads the job description and then thinks among his acquaintances who fits the position. In other words, it goes the other way than the candidate. First he understands the position and then he thinks who fits.

To know in more detail the advantages that can bring you the outsourcing of recruitment I recommend you read our post Benefits and disadvantages of outsourcing your selection processes.

Stages of outsourcing a vacancy

The outsourcing of a selection process consists of several phases, so it is good to know them beforehand so that no one catches you by surprise.

  • Choice of supplier: it is very important to choose the channel and the most suitable solution according to your needs. To know more, we recommend you to read our post Outsourcing staff selection: how to choose the best supplier.
  • Comunicación: maintaining good communication with your Headhunter is indispensable to find your ideal candidate in a short time.
  • Candidate selection: Even if your Recruiter makes an initial selection of profiles, you will have to spend time selecting candidates for the interview or finalist phase.
  • Salary negotiation: once the candidate has been chosen, you must negotiate with him the economic conditions of his contract. At this stage it is very useful to have the advice of your Headhunter.
  • Onboarding: once the candidate is hired, you must teach him everything necessary so that he can integrate into the team and start his work in the fastest, most motivated and efficient way.

And you: What steps did you take to find your ideal IT candidate?

What were the advantages of outsourcing staff selection?

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