Step by step create your ideal candidate profile

Step by step: create your ideal candidateā€™s profile

In any situation, to find what you need it is essential to define well what you are looking for. Therefore, before starting looking for candidates, it’s crucial to create the profile of the candidate you really need: your ideal candidate.

The ideal candidate is the portrait of the candidate who fits perfectly with the position and your company, and who also fits the challenge. It should describe the ideal candidate that gives us a complete vision of the professional we seek; his studies, skills, experience, objectives, ambitions, hobbies and personality.

Why create your ideal candidateā€™s profile?

First, we explain why it is important to create a profile of your ideal candidate.

  • It helps you identify the talent you need: building the profile of your ideal candidate forces you to do an exercise in introspection. Thanks to this, you get a better understanding of the culture of your company and what is required in the people who compose it to meet the objectives set.

  • It makes it easy to create a recruitment strategy: knowing what type of profile to look for will allow you to create a good strategy to capture it. For example, it will help you know which channel you should choose to capture powerful candidates.

  • It allows you to decide what information to highlight: knowing the main characteristics of your ideal candidate will help you highlight the information and advantages of your offer that can attract you the most.

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Steps to create your ideal candidate profile

Secondly, here are three steps to follow to create your ideal candidateā€™s profile:

  1. Research and gather information: the ideal candidate profile should be based on data and not assumptions, and the information you collect should answer two crucial questions. .
  • What type of person reflects the characteristics that your company values?
  • What features/factors make an apersona successful within your business?

To correctly answer these two questions look at your best employees to discover their goals, skills, motivations and interests; and do not forget the candidates, they will give you the counterpoint, try to know the source of the attraction they feel for your company.

  1. Extract trends from the collected information: analyzes the information obtained in traits, habits and characteristics that are repeated and that can serve to define trends.
  2. Give life to your ideal candidate: as if it were a literary character, give a name and create a story behind it.

If you want to know more about the characteristics that define the ideal candidate do not hesitate to read our post 4 basic characteristics of the perfect candidate.

And you: How do you create the profile of your ideal candidate? Do you follow these three steps? What advice would you give to people who want to create their ideal profile?

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