4 tips to improve your Employer Branding

4 tips to improve your Employer Branding

Currently the concept “employer branding” is one of the terms that has become more fashionable in the sector of personnel selection.

Even so, it is normal to have doubts like: why has this new concept gained so much strength in recent years? What practices do the best companies use to work and improve their employer branding? Don’t worry! This and more doubts are solved in today’s article.

What is employer branding?

It is the image that a company has as an employer. It refers not only to the reputation achieved for current employees, but also for potential candidates.

Why is this concept so important now? Firstly, because the candidates are now better informed than ever. They have a wider range of information (RRSS, blogs, forums, job portals, etc.) that they use before deciding whether they should sign up for a company’s offers. Secondly, the talent market is extremely competitive, especially for specific profiles such as IT or Data Science.

These two factors combined result in companies with a better employer branding end up being the ones that take the best candidates.
If you want to improve your employer branding, read on! We give you some tips for having a more attractive employer branding.

1. Strategy, transparency and authenticity

Building a good employer brand requires the involvement of many people, so it is essential that HR dedicate efforts to define and coordinate this driving strategy.

In addition, transparency and authenticity are necessary for candidates to fall in love with your company. It will help them to get to know the company culture and to have an idea about what they will find in their day to day.

2. Involve all your team

You must be clear that employer branding is everyone’s business. Anyone working in your company can act as a brand ambassador.

In addition, the best way to viralize your message is through the collaboration of the whole team. Marketing employees will be the ones who channel the message and create content through blogs, RRSS, videos, etc.

3. Open your doors to diverse talent

Diversity is a sign of openness to new ideas. This is a highly valued feature, especially among the younger group. On the other hand, a company whose employees are diverse takes more care of its onboarding process, so it tends to generate a more welcoming and open environment.

4. Take care of your job page

A job page is a fantastic gateway to receiving candidates in love with company values.

The page should be a space where the advantages of working in the company are highlighted, candidates can view current vacancies and apply to join if the company has hiring needs.

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Did you know what employer branding is? Have you worked to improve the image of your employer branding? Has it helped you attract more engaged talent?

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