Headhunter consulting

Headhunter consulting

A headhunter consultancy is made up of independent contractors who help employers find qualified candidates for their company.

The person leading the consultancy is a professional in headhunting, a personnel selection method that carries out individual searches to find specialized profiles.

Headhunter consulting is mainly characterized by an active search, leaving behind the passive search methodology where candidates applied for jobs.

Today, the landscape has changed and it is necessary for organizations to go out and look for the ideal talent they need, even more so when they are specialized profiles.

In this publication we show you the main characteristics of headhunter consulting.

Characteristics of headhunter consulting

In order for a headhunter consultancy to achieve the objective of finding the ideal profiles for organizations, it must meet certain characteristics and take into account several aspects, such as the following:

Resources used by a headhunter consultancy

Professionals in charge of a headhunter consultancy use networking resources and job fairs to find qualified candidates. use networking resources and job fairs to find qualified candidates.

As they are specialized recruiters in the areas in which they work, they have privileged access to candidates who are not actively looking for a job.

While some companies prefer to hire a headhunter consultancy to find their own employees, others choose to use them as third-party resources.

Companies with limited internal resources often recognize the value of a headhunter consultancy in the hiring process.

At TalentFY we have different ways of reducing the recruitment costs of the selection process with which we adapt to the different needs of the companies.

4. Consultoría Headhunter

Recruitment process with a headhunter consulting firm

These professionals do not usually ask candidates about their salary history or preferences, and only contact them after finding a suitable job for a candidate.

In addition, they adhere to the job description o advertisement This is the road map to find the ideal profile.

This is why the wording of the job description is so important, without it it will be very difficult to find the professional you are looking for, and its poor wording can cause delays in the selection process.

At TalentFY our team of HR advisors accompanies companies through each stage of the selection process, which can be managed step by step from our end-to-end platform.

Recruitment process

The hiring process can be a long and tedious process. However, a headhunter consultancy specializes in locating those who are looking for a change and are open to working in your company.

Hiring candidates can be time-consuming, and headhunters at a headhunter consultancy are specialized in dealing with difficult market conditions.

If you are going to hire several employees, having a headhunter consultancy like TalentFY is a great option for you. These individuals are experienced in identifying qualified candidates and finding them the best fit for your organization.

In conclusion, headhunters are a great support that will help your selection process to be more agile and you will be able to meet excellent candidates.

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