Technology in the HR sector

Advantages of applying technology to the HR sector

New technologies have spread to many business areas, generating great challenges and opportunities for the human resources sector, we have already talked about them in articles such as Artificial intelligence takes off the HR sector and Virtual Reality in the world of recruiting.

Today, we are facing a global and technological market in which we must adapt and constantly renew ourselves if we want to maintain competitiveness. That’s why today’s article explains what improvements the use of new technologies will bring to your selection team.

Digitalization: the future of Human Resources

New technologies have reached the personnel departments, which can finally become large intelligence centers thanks to big data and the automation of administrative tasks (More information in our article How can we use Big Data to improve HR?)

Today, talent is one of the most precious values, and one of the main challenges of companies is to detect, motivate and retain it. We need to move beyond traditional models to adapt to new tools for the selection, evaluation and empowerment of human capital. Only then will we be able to carry out our work as effectively as possible.

Advantages of incorporating technology into staff selection

1) Reduction of the administrative burden of the department. One of the main problems of human resources departments is excessive paperwork and the amount of time spent on administrative tasks. Employees depend on the personnel department for any bureaucratic process: updating personal information, requesting a vacation, printing the salary receipt…

Thanks to the use of software, the dependency of employees towards the human resources department is much lower since the information can be managed by all members of the organization. In this way, the HR department has the possibility to focus on more productive activities for the business, which will help boost the development and performance of its employees.

2) Improved performance evaluation. The technology allows you to evaluate the performance of your workers in an automated manner. Thanks to it, you will be able to more easily identify the strengths and areas to develop of the members of the company. You will also be able to see which profiles have had a better performance, and focus on future hiring.

Performance evaluation is vital, as it provides us with useful data to provide solutions that improve human performance within the organization.

3) Real-time monitoring and continuous training The latest technologies also facilitate workforce management and employee trajectory. On the one hand, e-learning appears, which is a type of flexible and virtual training that allows new workers to learn and integrate quickly into the operation of the company. On the other hand, there are also computer programs that allow us to track our employees in real time and give them immediate feedback.

Thanks to real-time monitoring, companies can develop training software for their employees. Virtual learning makes users assume the role of social individuals, interact with each other and have access to Collective Intelligence resources.
In TalentFY use an Artificial Intelligence algorithm that allows us to select the recruiters who will best be able to work your vacant position. In this way we achieve higher success rates than market. If you want to know more about how TalentFY works we invite you to read the article Why find talent through TalentFY?
Have you already started the technological transformation of your company? What changes have brought about an improvement in the human capital management of your business?

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