Artificial intelligence takes off the HR sector

Artificial intelligence takes off the HR sector

As we told you in our previous post The growth of the technology sector, today you can see news about Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning everywhere. This indicates that the next solutions in many sectors will be based on this type of technology.

Difference between AI and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence technology is about getting machines to perform in a similar way (more similar) to how humans do, while Machine Learning is about machines learning themselves, from external data or own experiences. In short, “Machine Learning” learning is a characteristic that is part of human behavior (artificial intelligence). At first glance, it is clear that this can revolutionize any sector. In todayā€™s post we will show you how they are being applied in the world of recruiting.

Most solutions that use artificial intelligence in recruiting go in the same direction: screening candidates. Currently there are several innovations that provide a solution to speed up this phase with the use of new technologies, highlight 3 of them:


They allow you to interact in real-time with candidates to pre-qualify them and answer frequent questions.

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS):

They make it easy to track recruitment processes and include automatic filtering of resumes based on keywords.


It allows you to make connections between vacancies from companies and potential candidates who have not yet applied to the position.

In TalentFY we look for the ideal IT candidate for your business using the Matching branch. Our Artificial Intelligence evaluates recruiters and selects the best according to the characteristics of the vacancy you want us to work with an algorithm based on Machine Learning.

If you want to know us better and know more about our platform I recommend you read our post Why find talent through TalentFY?

And you: Do you have any new ideas on how to revolutionize the world of recruiting with AI? Do you know of any groundbreaking company that is revolutionizing the sector besides TalentFY?

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