Virtual reality in the recruiting world

Virtual reality in the recruiting world

Gamification has become one of the most appreciated recruitment techniques and offers many options. Because that virtual or augmented reality is on everyone’s lips is not new. This revolutionary technology is changing the world as we knew it. And for those of you who are wondering what they have to do with recruitment, in the following post we will discuss 5 practical examples of companies that are already using these technologies in recruitment with excellent results.

1) Jaguar and Gorillaz:

The prestigious car brand needs to fill more than 1,000 positions of electronic and software engineers and what has it done? Something rather unexpected. He has joined forces with the mysterious virtual group Gorillaz to create fun recruitment games based on candidates’ skills.

With this application the car brand kills two birds with one stone. On the one hand, it increases your chances of receiving nominations from candidates who like games and who consider the initiative attractive. On the other hand, the application allows you to track and identify the players who score the best in the resolution of the code tests.

2) Jet.com:

The e-commerce company is clear on that. It needs to attract talent and wants it to be aligned with its values and a way of working based on relaxed environments and collaboration. To do this, it has created an interactive virtual reality experience that potential candidates can access from anywhere in the world and experience how to work on the Internet sales platform. For example, they may be present at a meeting with the CEO of the company or enjoy the “Happy Hour” and the games that the company organizes for its employees. This is a visit to the Jet.com headquarters, but without having to take a plane.

3) Deutsche Bahn:

In 2015 they began experimenting with Virtual Reality glasses that they wore to job fairs. Through these devices, candidates could experience firsthand working in positions that were difficult to cover, such as a train driver or electrician. This is how the company began to receive between 5 and 10 times more applications from these events and the quality of the candidates was higher.

4) British Army:

The British military uses the Samsung Gear Virtual Reality device to recreate all kinds of experiences and skills used in real combat: from tank driving to skydiving. After several events in the United Kingdom nominations to the British Army increased by 66%.

5) Marriott Hotels:

The hotel chain Marriott created a game through Facebook some time ago so that candidates could live the experience of working at the frenetic pace of their kitchens. The players could run their own restaurant, controlled the budget and took care of employee training.

In the first two weeks of life, the game accumulated participants from 80 different countries and many of the players claimed it was addictive.

With this initiative Marriott intended to attract millennials to fill hospitality positions, offering them something different and using the power of social networks.

And you, can you think of more recruitment techniques with cutting-edge technologies?

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