Why you cant get along with the recruiters

Why can’t you get along with the recruiters?

Some companies do not achieve good results by outsourcing their selection processes. Systematically, whatever headhunter they cooperate with, the results are the same: negative. Fortunately this happens in a small minority of companies. But we still ask ourselves the following question: Why does outsourcing in some companies not work? Are they choosing their recruiters wrong?

If we collaborate with different recruiters, we dare to say that the problem is not that they are choosing wrong. On specific occasions the choice can be wrong. However, if they diversify the selection of recruiters, it is highly unlikely to always happen.

All indications are that the reasons come from the company itself. Specifically, according to the testimony of several selection consultants with whom we have spoken, of mistaken beliefs they have. So, let’s disprove a couple of myths about recruiters that some HR departments believe to be flat.

1) He is a 'firefighter'

Surely you have ever faced a vacancy difficult to fill for whatever reason (profile difficult to find, complexity of the position, deadline close…). Imagine that to cover it you do a search for candidates, but you are not successful.

Let’s say that after the impossibility of finding a suitable candidate you decide to outsource the selection process.

Situations like these tend to use the recruiter as a firefighter. The company collaborates with him or her without having sufficient confidence in their results. It is only a last-minute resource from which a miracle is expected, or which becomes the easy target of criticism.

A talent seeker is not keen on working under these circumstances. Not a talent scout, not anyone. Without mutual trust from the start no good results are achieved.

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2) Has telepathic powers

There are few known cases of recruiters with telepathic powers. Some of your customers should not think so, as too often little information is transmitted to them about the needs in finding the ideal profile.

Sometimes, the person who acts as a link between the company and the recruiter does not have answers to all the questions of the latter. This should not be an inconvenience as long as the headhunter can contact company people able to solve them.

The problem arises when the company is denied the possibility of creating bridges of communication with these people. And is that the selection consultant only has one option to perform a good search: read the client’s mind. Let’s face it, it’s highly unlikely he’ll make it. That is why we insist on the importance of providing you with the right information.

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And you: Do you know of other false beliefs that make understanding between HR and a selection consultant difficult? Have you met any of the ones we mentioned?

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