4 keys to get on with your recruiter

4 keys to get along with your recruiter

Outsourcing selection processes has become a common practice in most companies, especially those profiles with more experience and difficult to find. Thatā€™s why communication with the recruiter or specialized agencies is so important. Correctly defining and understanding which profile you are looking for is essential to finding the ideal candidate.

In this article we will share 4 key tips to ensure good communication between recruiter and customer.

1. Define in detail the position you are looking for

Do not be in a hurry, it is highly recommended, not to say obligatory, that you spend the necessary time in preparing a complete description of the profile you are looking for. Remember that when you outsource you are turning to professionals in the search for candidates, therefore, as more accurate and detailed is the description of your ideal candidate more options will have to find it.

If the recruiter detects inconclusive information or points of improvement, it is imperative to let the customer know. Investing time in correctly defining the desired profile can reduce search weeks.

2. If I have already made it clear that I am looking, why do I not receive anything like it?

Completing your ideal profile does not end when you have defined it, it is necessary to give constant feedback to the recruiter about each candidate you present. Especially those you reject, that will help you get one step closer to your ideal candidate.

3. Why do I still not receive my ideal candidate?

The recruiter will always look for a candidate that fits the description you provided, but be aware that this profile may not exist. In order to manage your expectations and not waste your time, the recruiter should be transparent with you.

4. Defines conditions in a clear and concise manner

Itā€™s not a good idea to renegotiate the contract once youā€™ve found your ideal candidate. To avoid misunderstandings, especially since this type of service pays for success, it is important that the fees and guarantee are well defined when starting the search.

As you can see, for your recruiter to find your ideal candidate quickly and effectively, you need to maintain good communication with him.

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