Consultants vs Marketplaces - Which finds the best IT profiles

Consultants vs. Marketplaces Which finds the best IT profiles?

In recent years we have experienced the revolution of “marketplaces”, websites that allow both sellers and buyers to interact with each other to carry out a commercial transaction and whose main function is to eliminate intermediaries and/or facilitate the transaction.

Many people think that the struggle that is taking place between big consultants and newcomers “marketplaces” could be equated, metaphorically speaking, with the confrontation between David and Goliath. As everything seems to indicate that the “marketplaces” have come to stay, remember that in a matter of 25 years Amazon went from being an unknown company to the most valuable company worldwide in 2019.

As expected, it was not long before this new mode of selling and buying was established in almost all sectors, including human resources.

It is a reality, that the search for IT talent can become a headache for many companies, which is why in TalentFY we decided to specialize exclusively in finding the best IT candidates. This is possible thanks to two key elements:

The best IT recruiters in Spain

By having the best IT recruiters we can assign the search with the conviction that they will perform a fast and quality work. While in the big consultancies we find… IT professionals? Professionals in more traditional positions? Well, youā€™re both wanted by a marketing director and an industrial plant manager, but you suffer when you need to find a python developer.

Artificial Intelligence integration in selection processes

On the other hand, we know the metrics of these TOP recruiters in TalentFYā€™s historical processes and a machine learning algorithm allows us to identify according to the needs of each process (geographical area, functional subarea, etc.) The most suitable recruiters for each search. Thanks to the historical knowledge of these recruiters and the integration of artificial intelligence we show a competitive advantage over the rest of “marketplaces”. The fact of applying machine learning technology, gives us the ability to continuous learning, both our successes and mistakes and adapt to the market and the customer as if it will be a tailor-made suit.

In conclusion, although consultants may be an accessible option for many companies when outsourcing generic selection processes, when it comes to seeking IT talent, the best option for both time and quality of candidates are the “marketplaces”, and between them, TalentFY starts with a competitive advantage at both technological and relational level with Recruiters.

If you want to know more about us, do not hesitate to read our post Why find talent through TalentFY?

What do you think about “marketplaces”? Do you think they are a good solution to find good candidates?

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