Outsourcing staff selection how to choose the best supplier

Outsourcing staff selection: how to choose the best supplier

Sometimes we tend to think that only big business can afford to hire headhunters to find talent. We know that often in small and medium-sized companies it is the business owner who is responsible for carrying out the tasks corresponding to the HR department, taking it away from its main work. In today’s post we will explain why partial or total outsourcing of staff selection is a very good option also for SMEs.

Advantages of outsourcing staff selection

First, we show you the main advantages that hiring headhunters can have for SMEs.

  1. Access to talent and knowledge: you will have the best recruiters specialized by areas and knowledgeable of the latest trends in HR, they will help you understand what you need and will find the ideal candidate for you. In addition, it is very common for your ideal candidate not to apply to a job offer, that is, to be a passive candidate attracted by the headhunter whom you would not have had access to without his help.

  2. Improving business agility : You’ll get greater flexibility and agility when responding to changes. On the other hand, outsourcing selection processes will allow you to allocate more time and resources to the main area of your business

  3. Saving time and money: by speeding up the selection process you will save time, as you will get your ideal candidate quickly. In addition, filling the vacancy with a candidate that fits perfectly in both the required position and in your company will save money.

Tips for success

Here are some tips to help you make the outsourcing of your selection processes successful for your company.

  1. Compare suppliers: investigate the different solutions, it is essential that you talk with other customers to know if they are satisfied with the results obtained. If you want to know some of the options that currently exist I recommend you read our post Solutions and tricks that will help you find your ideal candidate.

  2. Indicate your objectives:Be clear about your goals so that the provider understands what you want and the profile of the candidate you are looking for.

  3. Maintain a good relationship: maintain good communication with your provider so that the culture and values of your business are in line with theirs. It is important to know how to maintain a good relationship with your Recruiter so that you understand 100% what you need.

  4. Cost assessment:try to calculate the internal management costs of your HR team in terms of time, money and results, then purchase this data with the economic costs that would involve outsourcing recruiting. You might be surprised at the result.

Selecting the perfect candidate is very important and finding the wrong person can cost your business a lot. For this reason, we recommend you read our post How to find quality candidates.

And you: How do you find your ideal candidates?

Have you decided to outsource recruitment?

What tricks do you use to maintain a good relationship with your headhunter?

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