Staff selection in Spain a new recruitment model

Staff selection in Spain, a new recruitment model

Finding the ideal talent is one of the most important processes of companies, so in this blog we will talk about some personnel selection methodologies in Spain.

In fact, according to the latest Labour Force Survey the employment rate in Spain is 50.51%, where it increased in work for young people between 16 -24 years and 30 – 39 years.

Companies are looking for young talent and specialized professionals, two profiles that are easier to find through the use of technology and recruiting firms in the selection processes.

Undoubtedly, there are different models and methodologies applied by recruitment consultants and human resources team in Spain.

Therefore, today we present 4 very interesting methodologies and some stages and characteristics that share.

4 methodologies for personnel selection in Spain

The use of technology and process automation in the   selection of managers  or staff  are a trend that helps save companies time and money.

Thus, the methodologies for  hiring staff   are constantly evolving depending on the needs of the organisations and the profiles being sought.

Artificial intelligence to support staff selection

Artificial intelligence is a technology that has helped improve the results of companies and the performance of their areas.

Thus, in human resources teams, AI is a support to automate payroll programs, employee welfare, staff recruitment and selection processes, among others.

Therefore, the search for talent, AI helps to find profiles in less time and with greater precision; thus decreasing the risk that the person does not fit with the company’s philosophy.

In TalentFY, we have our own platform that makes use of artificial intelligence to find the best recruiters, who are specialized in the position that the customer is looking for. With what we ensure we find the ideal profiles.

Thanks to the combination of this technology and our team of professional recruiters, we are able to present, in less than 10 days, a selection of valid candidates for companies, saving them time and money.

If you want to know more about the stages and times of the selection process we invite you to read our guide ‘Time spent in a selection process’

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Inbound recruitment in the selection of personnel in Spain

Inbound recruitment is a methodology that gathers the essence of inbound marketing, which seeks to seduce and attract customers.

In the case of personnel selection processes, the concept translates into making candidates want to work in your organization.

In this way, to implement this method, it is necessary to work in employer branding, which will strengthen the company’s image as a great place to work.

Also, the following steps should be taken into account:

  • Create the candidate persona of your company: this concept is inspired by the buyer person and is used to describe in detail the characteristics that the professional who is looking for.
  • Define the values and purpose of the brand: it is very important that you know what is the differential value of your company and the image you want to project.
  • Develop a communication strategy: you must be clear about the channels that will connect you with the candidates, the frequency you will have to communicate with them and the content that you will share
  • Measure your results: every action must have a reason, and therefore, its impact must be measurable, do not be afraid to measure your results, these will allow you to improve.


Headhunters are professionals who look for the specialized profiles that companies need.

In this way, these people specialize in different sectors and have all the necessary information to connect with the candidates that companies require.

Additionally, they know where to look and are constantly observing the markets in which they specialize to have all the tools they need to reach the desired talent.

In TalentFY, our headhunters are our recruiters, professionals who specialize in the IT and Digital Marketing sector and who according to their specialty are chosen by the platform to find the best talent.

Web portals and social networks

Social media and job portals are the first place people look for job offers.

Even so, specialized profiles or those who have not thought about changing jobs rarely use these portals.

This is how staff selection, through networks such as LinkedIn, is based on an interaction between professionals and recruiters.

The process is nourished by the updating of the profiles of professionals and the observation of recruiters who offer them better job opportunities.

Characteristics of personnel selection methodologies in Spain

The methodologies presented above share characteristics that are necessary in all selection processes, such as the following:

Analysis of the resumes

Those in charge of the selection process should review the resumes of candidates which can be in application forms, in traditional formats or in networks such as LinkedIn.

Additionally, there are technologies such as HTM that allow automating the process to receive and analyze CVs.

Development of staff selection interviews in Spain

The interviews allow you to know the candidates, their expectations, skills, strengths and weaknesses.

In turn, they are a tool to see if the professional engages with what the company is looking for and vice versa.

For this reason it is very important that the interviews are prepared, they must have an objective and a methodology that allows to evaluate the candidate.

Technical tests and personality tests

Depending on the position, it will be necessary to carry out different tests to evaluate the candidates’ abilities to face the position.

Nowadays, personality tests are also very important to get to know the professional who aspires to the position and to know if it connects with the corporate culture of the company.

Many times these tools that characterize all methodologies are not in one place and this can generate a longer selection process.

At TalentFY, our platform offers customers an end-to-end process where they can manage and optimize all stages of the process in one place.

This is how technology is mediating and bringing great advances for the development of personnel selection in Spain, a process that evolves and is increasingly focused on candidates.

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