IT recruiter the solution to IT staff selection

IT recruiter, the solution to the selection of IT personnel

Companies increasingly need IT professionals, yet these profiles are not easy to find. This is why IT recruiters are the solution in these selection processes.

In Spain, for example, the expectations of hiring new talent in ICT companies is 74% (TIC monitor VASS), which confirms the interest of companies in finding IT professionals.

However, digital talent has specific characteristics that cannot be generalized in selection processes.

In fact, one of the main complaints from professionals in the technology sector is the lack of knowledge of the organizations about the profiles they are looking for.

Thus, having a friendly hand in HR teams that specializes in the technical requirements and professional needs of tech profiles is a great solution to find the ideal talent.

For this reason, in our blog we will tell you the solutions that IT recruitment can offer you in the face of the difficulty of finding the IT profiles that you need.

Main problems that an IT recruiter can solve

We share some of the most common problems and some tips to solve them.

Ignorance of the profile sought in the selection of IT personnel

The digital world brings new technologies every day that require specific know-how that is constantly evolving.

Understanding the skills you want to find in candidates is paramount to avoid a blind search.

Likewise, and due to the constant evolution of technology, it is not easy to be aware of all the technical requirements. For this reason, in TalentFY we offer a specialized service in IT recruitment .

We have a qualified team of IT recruiters who specialize in the different areas of the digital world to reach the desired IT profiles.

Bad writing of the Job Description

This is like a snowball, if you are not clear the profile you are looking for, you will write incorrectly the Job Description.

Many believe that this step is not so important, when in fact it is fundamental to achieve discover the exact profile that is needed and decrease the turnover of personnel within the company.

In TalentFY we have a team of HR advisors who accompany our customers throughout the process and offer them the tools to achieve a good job description.

In this way, our platform selects IT recruiters whose specialty matches the position the company is looking for and thus guarantee the quality of the profiles presented.

Not finding the IT profile on conventional job portals

One of the main difficulties in finding IT talent is that it is not common for these professionals to be visible on job portals.

It is in this kind of situation that the experience and expertise of an IT recruiter is so important, as they manage to find high quality profiles that are not visible.

In TalentFY our AI platform, our team of HR advisors and recruiters are responsible for presenting the ideal profiles to companies in a maximum of 10 days.

This is how having the support of a team specialized in the process of selecting IT personnel is a guarantee to find the best talent.

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