How to find quality candidates

Find quality candidates

Finding quality candidates will not guarantee the success of your business, but it is the first step to achieving it. In TalentFY we know that finding quality candidates is not an easy task and in todayā€™s post we bring you different ideas that will help you in finding your ideal candidate, especially useful for those times when it seems that you are coming down the world.

Revision of job description

In many cases it happens that you start the search for a key profile and this takes weeks and weeks because the candidates that are obtained do not quite fit. Have you ever thought that maybe youā€™re looking for something that doesnā€™t exist? Normally, if you are not getting quality candidates is due to any of these 2 reasons: either you are looking for something that does not exist or the wage band you propose is not aligned with the market.

That is why it is essential that before publishing a job offer you spend as much time as necessary to differentiate between essential and desirable technical skills. Also, how to specify what is the real need and what key functions this profile will perform. It is also essential that depending on the quality of applications you receive, you review and correct the job description. Remember that if you dispense with some technical requirements you can get in return other qualities more difficult to teach and very valuable in any organization such as the ability to work as a team or proactivity.

Finally, even if you canā€™t find quality candidates, the wage band is probably not aligned with the market. Therefore, we recommend that you investigate in which wage bands are moving similar profiles to yours in the market and once you have found the gap, you consider what you prefer to do to solve it: increase the wage band or lower the requirements of the position.

Enhancing the attractiveness of the company

Once you have correctly defined the profile you are looking for, you must do an empathy exercise and put yourself in the candidateā€™s shoes to make your job offer as attractive as possible. So, if you are lucky enough to have a similar profile on your computer or nearby environment do not hesitate to consult them.

Remember that not everyone values flexibility of time or a child care ticket in the same way. Find out and determine which incentives are the most attractive, in general, by that kind of profiles. Offering incentives beyond financial compensation will be a differentiating tool and will improve your Employer Branding.

Diversifying the communication of job offers

Donā€™t settle for traditional portals! There are many alternatives that you can add to your arsenal of options to diversify the communication of your job offers. The most popular are:

  • Internal communication
    : Encourage members of your organization to recommend people you trust in your environment who can fit the profile youā€™re looking for. A priori it will not cost you, although there are companies that financially reward their employees for it, and also it will be much easier to fit culturally into the company.
  • Social networks :advertise the vacancy on your social networks, people who follow you already know your company and like, therefore, they will show much more interest than any other candidate you just discovered by the published offer.

Find passive candidates

If you allow me the comparison: finding quality candidates for a job position is like finding quality candidates/ace for a relationship. Later we will probably dedicate an entire post to this topic because it can be very interesting. Anyway, what you have to stay with is that, just like when you are looking for a partner, if you are looking for quality candidates, the best of course are already caught (they are working).

The question then is: how do I get to them? Fortunately, TalentFY makes it easy for you. On our platform you are assigned the best recruiters who have immediate access to quality passive candidates. In addition, we apply Artificial Intelligence in each process to ensure you can find your ideal candidate in less than 10 working days.

And you, what do you do when you canā€™t find quality talent? Do you have other techniques to deal with such situations?

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