How to choose the best technology language for you

How to choose the best technology language for you

Are you an entrepreneur who has a business idea in his head that needs development? Does your current platform need a new design that involves a code migration? If so, don’t miss this article to learn how to choose the technological language that best suits your needs.

When choosing the technology, we must evaluate among hundreds of languages and frameworks which one is the most appropriate for us. There are many alternatives and all have their pros and cons. It’s not just about the Front or the Back, but the entire technology stack. Moreover, it is not a matter of choosing according to the potential of the technologies, the most important thing is not the technology per se, but the final product we develop with it.. To make a good decision, it is important to define the criteria.


When a company’s CTO or entrepreneur considers what language to work in, it is very important that he/she makes the right decision. The first thing is to clarify the criteria:

  • Timing
There are certain codes that allow rapid code development while others that initially seem more time-consuming end up saving development time in the long run due to their robustness (system stability, ease of testing, etc.). If the need to go to market is imperative or if we want to carry out a market or product test, it may be convenient to start with an MVP of the technological system with the idea of migrating in the medium or long term. Remember that you are hardly going to start with 1M users. You will have a first user, then 10… and if everything goes great you will grow and with that your software will mutate.

  • Functionalities and needs
On a technical level, what does our system need to start up and to maintain itself? Maybe our project should be based on Machine Learning, maybe IoT technology, let’s define well what we need to understand what technologies we should use. There are languages that are clearly more appropriate than others for each functionality. Unity allows you a lot of interactivity and is very visual, perfect for gaming, but it can’t be used for an AI project because you will have a hard time working with the data.

On a technical level, there are many more criteria that play a part in the decision such as purpose, security, speed, interoperability… important: keep in mind that there is no language 10 for all criteria.

  • Platforms
At the user level, on which device will you connect? We must assess whether we are talking about specific machines such as development for the automotive industry, whether it is a mobile application, a web, a web + app… These are key aspects because depending on the platform there are some languages that are more suited to some environments or others.

  • Organization of people
Beyond looking at technological criteria, it is also important to take into account human resources criteria. Will it be easy to find new profiles (is this code currently being used)? Will it be easy to find junior profiles in the future (is it today among the trends of tutorials and so on?)? How much will the equipment cost to generate today and tomorrow (what wage bill will they receive)?

Get to know the People Organization better

From TalentFY, as experts in IT recruiting, we want to offer you support in the last block/criteria we have mentioned:

Cost of technical equipment
A developer has a salary well above the average employee in Spain. This is a reality that is unlikely to change because demand far exceeds supply, and because they are in such high demand, their salaries have been inflated.

What must be taken into account is that certain technological languages are more expensive than others..

Beyond the CTO, you will have to make numbers of the systems team, Front and Back, and as you grow, other profiles will also appear on the scene.

Recruiting the current team
It’s never easy to find good talent, and in IT it’s much worse. Very few professionals are looking for a job (employed or not) and most are waiting for your call. This is what we call passive candidates. In Spain, 6 out of 10 professionals (in general, not IT) are candidates who apply for advertisements. However, in the IT world (still using data from Spain), this percentage is reduced to 16%, a quarter. Don’t panic, if you need to find good IT talent we recommend you to read our articles How to find quality candidates y Solutions and tips to help you find your ideal candidate.

Beyond the difficulties of recruiting, there are certain profiles where the supply is very scarce today so finding a profile can be very complicated (for example, at this time of the year, finding a Python is worth gold). Here, the key is to understand whether the technological stack you are going to choose has a high usage in Spain or not. If few use it, it will always be more difficult to choose your technology partner. On the other hand, if it is a widely used language, you are more likely to sign your ideal candidate. To understand the technology trends we recommend our article Languages Most widely used technological languages.

Future geniuses of our technology stack
So, we are evaluating a stack whose cost we can afford, which currently has a fairly widespread use of the language and we can already start recruiting our IT team… for the moment it seems that the planets are aligned, but have you taken into consideration what will happen in 2, 3 or 5 years?

In technology, as in almost everything in life, there are “fads”. It is important to understand these market trends. For this purpose, we recommend our article Trends in languages. When choosing a technology stack, it is important to not to take risks with technologies that may be considered fads and fashions.. Otherwise it would be very difficult to find junior profiles to help your team or future employees to help us grow.

There is an index, the PYPL Indexwhich is a great help to understand whether your technology stack is outdated or not, since it measures the number of Google searches and downloads of tutorials and courses for each language and framework.

Exceptional cases
Having said all this, if you consider yourself an entrepreneur whose ideas have a technological base that clearly exceeds your knowledge, it is best to find a technology partner for the business. it is best to find a technology partner for the business, our recommendation is that you look for your ideal partner and it is he who chooses the technology..

It is possible that when you meet different professionals, each one will advocate different technologies that, according to them, are the “best” to carry out your idea. Once again, we return to the initial concept that what is important is not the technology stack but the solution developed. At the moment of choosing a technology, if you already have part of the team (or you partner with an expert developer), it is very possible that the knowledge in a specific technology stack has more weight than it should. This is not something to be overly concerned about, as any other technological alternative with this equipment would probably lead to a worse outcome.

In this article we have tried to define the criteria to choose your technology stack, later we will announce a new article where we will better explain which stack is the most appropriate for each project.

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