The most widely used technological languages today

The most widely used technological languages today

Since the advent of the Internet, it has been innovating in the creation and propagation of new and more technological languages. In this article, we will try to summarize the main technological languages most used and why.

As we have seen in previous articles as in The growth of the technology sector, the evolution of the IT sector itself is bringing innovation and improvement even in the languages and frameworks used. Since the creation of the first website with HTML, it has evolved in codes to optimize, facilitate and enhance its application in web environment.

Worldwide, if you are interested in knowing which languages are most used you can check them in TIOBE index who update it every September. This index, therefore, reflects the current use of developments and does not reflect the volume of new code or the trend towards the future. To understand where we are going, the PYPL index, which measures the number of Google searches for tutorials. If you access, you can see that Python is clearly on the rise.

It is for this reason that in today’s post we will talk about the main languages most used for the web in Spain and we will try to figure out why they are so used.

Most commonly used languages in Spain

  1. Java. The most widely used technological language in Spain is Java. And it’s not a local issue but globally it’s also the most used language not only on the web but also in the mobile environment – although some say that the C environment has overcome it recently -.
  2. PHP. PHP is the second most used language. Although in the rest of the world it is used, its massive use in Spain is exceptional.
  3. .Net. The Microsoft environment remains vital in the web environment and especially on desktop. Currently, much of this code is still chosen for new developments using C#.
  4. Python. Python is being used increasingly thanks to its multitude of applications and clearly the trend is going to more and more.
  5. C/C++. This language is still one of the most used especially for the gaming world. Beyond applications in C that could go down, this code has born the entire iOS environment so it is widely used also in the mobile environment.

The rise of Python

Python is being used more and more thanks to the latest applications, it is widely used for Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, scientific research… Besides being such a versatile language, it responds very well to very voluminous and mathematically complex requests despite not being a compiled language. It is open source, has a simple syntax and its complexity comes more from the logic of the business model behind than from the language itself. It is a code that allows high scalability and powerful data management development.

Despite not being among the 3 most used codes today, it has a clear upward trend and will probably continue to climb positions in terms of its use. Has a very powerful community, an excellent library support and for many is the most complete language that there is today. In addition, the Django and Flask frameworks allow easy web development.

Many companies are migrating the core of their code to Python due to its high potential and many others are choosing this code as the main language for their new platform.

The PHP world

PHP is an open source that allows good communication between web and server. It is one of the most used languages when looking for stability and good performance. Unlike Python, PHP and Java have a multitude of frameworks and libraries to use.

Here in Spain, after Java, the PHP code follows closely. There are 3 main reasons why PHP is so used in Spain:
  1. The entire WordPress and Drupal environment has generated an ecosystem of web pages made in a more agile way and by hands not so specialized in IT. WordPress is a CMS where more programmers are initiated into web programming, especially when they come from the marketing and design side.
  2. It has frameworks like Laravel, Symfony and Codeigniter. With extensive libraries and very simple to use.
  3. In Spain there is the particularity that in the initial boom of Start Ups (Privalia, Softonic, eDreams…) was one of the most used languages thus creating a “school” of programmers who have developed powerful skills. Currently, these same professionals are in CTO positions of different companies and choose for their platforms languages that they master.

The Java world

Since its beginnings in the mid 90’s, Java has burst in with great force. This is the most popular code among large organizations.

It has a simpler learning curve than other languages. It is a robust code and being a compiled language, makes it very secure and stable. It also offers a very high level of performance with advantageous features such as memory release.

It is a multi-platform language that works on virtually any device. Another positive aspect of Java is that it allows you to create applications and processes on multiple devices in a very comfortable way. It is widely used for Mobile developments, but also for IoT.
And you: What technologies do you use in your business? Of the languages we have discussed, which ones do you know best?

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