How to make your team as productive as possible

How to make your team as productive as possible

All companies want to continue growing and improving their future projection, but the strategy to achieve this must be well defined. Some managers choose to delegate more responsibility to employees, others believe it is the perfect time to raise targets, and still others believe it is best to increase salaries. In today’s article we are going to explain how to make your team as productive as possible.

If you notice, emotional pay is usually overlooked. This concept may seem very subjective, but it is quite the opposite, it can be achieved with measures as tangible as a monthly payroll.

Applying emotional pay will help you create more motivated and productive teams, which translates into better results for your business and upward company growth. For this reason, in today’s article we explain everything you need to know about emotional pay and what benefits it can bring to your business.

What is emotional pay?

When we opt for a job and we talk about conditions, we usually pay more attention to the salary and schedule, but there are more and more factors that workers take into account when choosing one job or another.

Here are some examples:
  • Opportunities for advancement within the organization
  • Possibilities to learn new things about your professional area.
  • Whether the work to be performed will be monotonous or dynamic
  • If there is a good team environment and/or culture.
  • Whether the company offers contributions of value to society (environmental, social and/or educational mission).
  • Decoration and size of office space.
  • Vacation days, flexible remuneration and telecommuting days.
A few years ago, employees were only looking to work in order to get an economic sustenance to cover their basic needs; but, as you can see, now employees want to reach the top of Maslow’s Pyramid, they want to meet other types of needs such as: need for recognition, self-fulfillment and affiliation.

These aspects are what we know as emotional pay, non-financial factors that can help your employees’ motivation, productivity and self-fulfillment.

Keys to motivate your employees

There are many ways to motivate your employees, but many times it will depend on the type of worker and the person he/she is, each one has his/her own motivations and particular interests. Here are some of the keys to improve the motivation of your employees:
  • Flexibility: companies must adapt to change. This necessarily implies becoming more flexible, assuming new work models and facilitating the reconciliation of professionals with their personal and family life.
  • Training: in view of the market reactivation, training and improving the skills of professionals is essential. For companies, investing in reviewing procedures and updating the knowledge of their staff is an investment for the future.
  • Growth and promotion possibilities: the growth of the company is directly proportional to the growth of its employees. Promoting the professional development of the workforce means giving them new responsibilities, assigning them projects that excite them and thinking of development plans that are beneficial to them.

Techniques and tips to motivate employees

Advise your employees
When we want to give advice, it should always be constructive. It is clear that a single piece of advice is not capable of changing a person’s motivation, but we should not underestimate the impact that advice given in the right way and at the right time can have on an employee.

To increase its effectiveness, the board should have the following conditions:

  • Identify the problem specifically or the ultimate goal.
  • Explain why and/or what the change is important for.
  • Recommend a specific change.

Any advice will be of great help to your employees as long as the company offers them alternative strategies to change; in addition, you must help them to make the change you are requiring.

Incentivizing your employees to show their emotions

It is important that you are aware of what they are thinking and what is going on at all times with your employees. It is advisable to hold weekly meetings with each employee so that they can tell you how they feel about their tasks, how they relate to the rest of the team, what their concerns are, etc. In this way you will gain confidence and the employee will feel comfortable with you.

Try to make them see that their ideas are important to you, that their opinions are never wrong and that they do not have to feel undervalued; on the contrary, it is thanks to them that the company is successful. The feeling of belonging is key to work motivation and will make them feel a sense of ownership of your company. There is no greater demotivation than being ignored. If your employees feel that their opinions serve no purpose within the company, it is normal that they do not feel that they are part of it. It is very important that you give value to what your employees can suggest about the services and/or products offered by the company.

Offer flexible policies
Flexible work has been shown to contribute to higher productivity and reduced costs due to absenteeism and/or turnover. Flexible policies generate happy and engaged employees. To establish these policies, it will help you to know your employees personally and their personal situation. This approach will allow you to have valuable information to motivate your work team, giving them flexibility where they need it most, either in:

  • Working hours
  • Rest days
  • External activities: theater tickets, movie tickets, etc.
  • Reduced working day
  • Internal contests that include sharing with employees and families

Offering a good working space
You should take an interest in continuously improving the physical facilities of the workplace so that your employees feel comfortable performing their tasks. Here you must take into account computers, notebooks, pens, lighting, air conditioning, meeting rooms, common areas for resting, dining room, etc. In short, the workspace must have everything necessary to make every day going to work satisfying and motivating.

The workspace can affect your employees very positively, if you want to know more we recommend you to read our article Motivate your employees through the environment.

And you: What do you do to keep your team motivated? Do you offer flexibility to your employees so that they can combine work and private life?

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