everything you need to know about MaaS

Discover everything you need to know about MaaS

The managerial role as we knew it before is about to disappear (if not already). And we bet you’re wondering, why? The answer lies in the emergence of a system of hiring managers that is revolutionizing the way some organizations manage: management-as-a-service (MaaS).

This form of recruitment from the United States, where it is already strongly established, has also entered the European continent.

What is management-as-a-service?

This means that the management of a company can be contracted as a service, or to be outsourced.

According to several studies,full-time managers spend on average only 20% of their time on critical management functions. The rest is allocated to routine tasks, which could easily be delegated to others.

So what is the point of paying the high salary of a high-level manager if most efforts are spent on delegatable work? Not all companies are willing to pay such a luxury.

But it should be noted that most companies occasionally suffer from fleeting circumstances (performance crisis, launch of a new product, internationalization, etc.) that require very specific managerial skills. How can they manage them better?

An answer from the company that involves permanent changes in management can be nonsense, as it is being dealt with in a transitional context. To deal with these temporary situations in the best way, they need a solution that is useful in the short term and that does not involve permanent changes in the business.

As you will see later, the outsourcing of the management function aims to solve all these problems that we have discussed.

Service formats

1) Head-renting
In short: the head-renting is a senior management rental service. The uniqueness of this system is that executives do not work full-time; rather his dedication is partial. In this way, outsourced managers focus on that 20% of tasks where their skills are required. Less key functions are delegated to people with less experience.

2) Interim management orimplant
Theinterim management orimplant is designed for situations where the current management team is unable to find a solution.

This procurement model allows outsource the steering function while an exceptional context occurs. Once it is overcome, the employment relationship ends. Thus, there are suitable executives to manage the situation without having to make major changes in the composition of management.

It is a solution that is usually optimal for:
1) To restructure the company: manage crises and initiate a process of change.
2) Replace some managers: perform functions until the company finds a replacement, or covers a temporary leave.
3) To work on specific projects.: como can be the launch of a new product, the acquisition of a company, the opening of a new branch…
4) Develop start-ups: Manage areas not covered by entrepreneurs but essential to the success of the company.

Benefits of management-as-a-service

1) Immediate results
A manager for hire before being selected by the subcontractor company has already proven to be adept at handling complex situations. He is a person perfectly prepared to respond directly and quickly to the needs of the company that demands his services.

2) Affordable cost
The procurement regime is commercial. This means that the company does not have to pay social security costs, payroll or compensation. Only pay for those strategic activities They require experience and training for their performance.

3) Flexibility
The company gets exceptional talent without having to make adjustments to the workforce. In addition, at all times you have the possibility to have the support of more people, or to replace the executive (without paying any compensation for it).
The company that contracts the service assumes zero risks. Consequently, it is an attractive service for all types of companies: from startups to large multinationals.

Have you ever hired a MaaS? How was the experience? What did working with a Maas mean to your business?

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