What is Inbound Recruitment

What is Inbound Recruitment?

Selection processes have evolved considerably in recent years. Both employees and companies have changed considerably their ways of thinking and acting, and it is at that point that terms such as “Inbound Recruitment” arise.

Technology has led us to change our way of looking for solutions, our habits, our way of acting and even our needs. The Inbound Recruitment aims to attack precisely those points, carrying out actions of Marketing to attract and stay with the best talents and profiles most suitable for each company. Simply put, it puts Marketing at the service of Human Resources.

But... what is Inbound Recruitment?

This is a personnel selection method that uses inbound marketing actions to attract potential candidates, whether they are looking for work or not. The goal is to generate a feeling of belonging, admiration or attraction to you, so that your audience is motivated by what you transmit and wants to be part of your team. This effort to generate an attractive brand for your candidates and make the best talent want to stay with you, is what will generate your Employer Branding.

Inbound Recruitment basically refers to the fact that candidates are looking for you instead of looking for them. This seems so complex, is achieved thanks to a brand image and personality that generates attraction in your audience. For this it is necessary to have a very worked Employer Branding, an active social networks with a very defined personality and relevant content and interest for your target audience. All this suggests that the soul of the project is the generation of content.

Inbound Recruitment Strategy

The Inbound Recruitment is not designed to give you immediate results for a vacancy that is on the air. It is a long-term result for vacancies that may not yet be filled you have considered having at the time of implementing the strategy.

  1. Make your Candidate Persona. The Candidate Persona is the perfect candidate for you, the ideal. You must be very clear what profile he has, his values, his personality, his age… If you know who youā€™re targeting, it will be much easier to follow the right path and set the guidelines for the next steps.
  2. Define your communication channels. Where do you want to communicate? In which channels will you most likely find your ideal candidate (and the best talent)? In this sense, you can choose to communicate on your own website, on your own job portal, on a blog, the social networks you choose…
  3. Define your personality and brand values. Once you have created the Candidate Persona and selected the communication channels, you must define the image you want to project. “Image” means message, tone, language, personality, formal/informal, close/distant… as well as the values you want to convey.
  4. Be consistent. We have already stated that Inbound Recruitment gives long-term results. Like any strategy, it requires perseverance, dedication and continuous work of content creation and branding.
  5. Love the candidate and do not let the talent escape. When the talent comes to you, just fall in love and donā€™t let it slip away. Take care of every detail of the selection process, so that the candidate remains “in love” with you even if it has not been selected. And, for your employees, implement a good corporate culture, take care of them, fall in love also daily. This way you will not only retain the best, but also have great brand ambassadors.

Summary of the Inbound Recruitment

Did you know Inbound Recruitment? Have you applied it or are you planning to apply it in your company? Leave your opinions in the comments!

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