Know the main sources of external recruitment and how to carry them out

The main sources of external recruitment and how to carry them out

The external recruitment sources are of great help in reaching the right professionals that companies are looking for.

The process of finding the best profiles requires the investment of time and money, since a detailed plan is needed to guide each stage of the process.

Talent selection begins with the description of the profile being sought and goes through to hiring or onboarding, depending on the organization.

Thus, external recruitment sources have become a solution for companies that are looking for specialized profiles or that want to have an ally to help them carry out the entire process.

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In this publication we present four main external recruitment techniques.

Main sources of external recruitment

Although the sources of external recruitment are very varied, and technology provides more and more solutions, we can group them into four main ones.

External recruitment companies

The external recruitment agencies are in charge of advising and guiding companies in the selection of talent.

At TalentFY we are specialists in the search for digital profiles. Our platform chooses the best recruiters to find the ideal digital talent.

In this way, in less than 10 days we present the candidates to the companies and in turn we have a team of HR advisors that guide the companies throughout the process.

Social networks

The most famous platform for finding jobs and candidates is LinkedIn, a very useful network that connects and promotes professional networks.

In turn, on other social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp, job search ads can be found.

Nowadays, and with the technological advancement of society, networks are a great tool. However, depending on the position, they are not always effective.

In addition, by publishing a job offer on social networks, the privacy of the process is affected, and social networks are one of the main sources of external recruitment.

Job portals

In each country or city you can find different job portals that constantly publish job offers.

Additionally, companies can have portals with the vacancies they have in their organization.

In turn, universities offer job boards for their students that connect them with companies, becoming one of the main external recruitment techniques.

ATS Applicant Tracking System

An ATS, or Selection Process Management System, is an external recruitment source that manages the entire process of hiring or recruiting talent.

ATS helps companies to search and filter candidate resumes according to the needs of the organization.

Among the best ATS in the market are Greenhouse, SmartRecruiters and Jobvite, learn more in our blog. Find out which are the best ATS in the market’.

In conclusion, external recruitment sources are of great support to companies, mainly because it saves time and money in the search for the best talent.

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